National Language Vs. Official Language

India is a multi Lingual Country, where language changes at every 3 kms. Different states were formed post independence considering language. Recently, once again the debate arose whether we should make Hindi as our National Language ? Can Indian as a Country have one National Language? If you have any queries then please send me a message on my Facebook page or follow me on … Continue reading National Language Vs. Official Language


Ragging is almost like a mandatory ritual in many colleges across India. While the so called students who bully their juniors in the name of ragging believe that it is for the benefit of the students that they follow this practice, the reality is far away from this. The video talks about what exactly is ragging, why it happens and what can be done to … Continue reading Ragging

Employment Agreement

Hi…This is Aishwarya and I am back with another Vlog on Breaking Stereotype. This episode covers the topic of Employment Agreement. While entering into an employment Agreement, there are certain terms and conditions that one must read and understand. Failure to do so amounts to breach of contract. What are these terms and conditions. To know more watch the complete video. If you like this … Continue reading Employment Agreement

Basics of an Agreement

Once in a life time everyone has signed some or the other agreements. Many a times we knowingly or unknowingly, come across various types of agreement, which we are bound by: For example: An agreement behind your mobile phone bill, that instruction manual along with your new phone that you purchased also consist of an agreement To know what are the different types of Agreements, … Continue reading Basics of an Agreement