Welcome To The Organised Loot By Indian Banks

The idea behind opening a savings account with a bank is to save some money for your future, but now that just seems like a nightmare. Some time ago, banks announced that we could open a zero balance account and come a few years down the line, now the minimum balance required in your bank... Continue Reading →

Intellectual Property For Beginners

With the boom in the startup culture in India, it is important to know a few basics, apart from your domain of knowledge, to maximise your business. In simple terms, Intellectual Property is that property created by the company, which increases the value of your company. It may be a tangible property or an intangible... Continue Reading →

Why Street Children Continue To Be ‘Invisible’ And How You Can Change That

met, and how we can together fight child labour. Add a post today! I am a lawyer by profession and I also work with a few NGOs. For this, I have to educate people about their rights. During one of my lectures for a community, which comprised mainly of elderly women doing social work, I... Continue Reading →

How To Get More Voters

There are two prime reasons why the youngsters even despite being enrolled as voters are not interested to vote. They feel that their one vote will barely make any difference The long waiting hours outside the poll booth, which will cost them their time The following is the solution to have maximum voters participate as... Continue Reading →

Parliament Hope You Don’t Repeat Your Mistake

The entire country is today rejoicing the announcement of Supreme Court’s Judgment in the Shayara Bano’s case, declaring Triple Talaq as unconstitutional. Supreme Court had earlier also declared the same previously in the case of Shamim Ara Vs. State of U.P. in the year 2002. So what makes this judgment more special ? It has... Continue Reading →

Why Kangana Ranaut’s Story Isn’t Just Limited To Bollywood

Kangana Ranaut is one name that has been trending over social media for her upcoming movie – the reason being her interview and the recent All India Bakchod (AIB) video, which mocked Bollywood and its rules. Well – some may say that it is a publicity stunt to promote her upcoming movie, some consider her... Continue Reading →

My Experience With Online Haters Has Been Very Entertaining

out against online bullying. The internet is an open space where you have more freedom of speech than you do in real life. You are at liberty to criticise anyone or anything. Some people, who are self proclaimed ‘kings’ of the virtual space, read half, understand a quarter but reply with full enthusiasm. Yes, one... Continue Reading →

8 Ways Your Rick Guy Or Cabbie Might Be Cheating You

Today, we are mainly dependent on public transport for our survival in the city. Public transport is meant for convenience of the Common Man, but the shortage of buses and the crowd is the reality. Ultimately, we have no other option than to travel using an auto rickshaw or a kaali peeli or your fancy... Continue Reading →

I Agree With Supreme Court On The Ban Of Firecrackers

Diwali is just about a week away and the Supreme Court today pronounced a ban on the Sale of Fire Cracker in Delhi. While some welcomed this decision, some people were relieved, some as usual were blinded by religion to even think about the environment.Various Debates and Memes have already spread over the Social Media... Continue Reading →

A Diwali That Brings Tears To My Eyes

Indian festivals are always celebrated with emotions and pomp. Unlike today, the Diwali some few years back was less commercialised. The school term from June to October was one of the longest for any student. As the month of October began, students would start counting days till the beginning of the vacation. I was also... Continue Reading →

5 Laws All Kids Need To Know To Become Better Adults

Every Children’s Day, we often talk about the innocence of children, how we miss our childhood days and how there is a child hidden in every one of us. This children’s day let us take a step further and preserve that innocence and actually protect children’s childhood by empowering them with their rights. Here are... Continue Reading →

Why The Padmavati Controversy Is Affecting Me

Before I begin with the Blog, here are a few disclaimers. Request you to read them, understand them and digest them before you going further. This is not an anti religious post. This post deals with the present situation on the humanitarian grounds. The movie Padmavati, which was to relase this weekend, will now release... Continue Reading →

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