Baby Organo – Vocal for Local

Our today's brand for Vocal for Local is Baby Organo, which is an Ayurvedic Baby Care Product Brand found in the year 2019 by Riddhi Sharma. Can you tell us, how Baby Organo was started ? It is said that "Necessity is the mother of invention" and this is how BabyOrgano was invented. When Riddhi... Continue Reading →

Work From Home Opportunity

Learning and Earning has no age. If you desire to do both, then sky is the limit for you. Today, we have Sakshi Aggarwal, a Beauty and Wellness Coach, as well as a German Language Teacher, who would like to tell us about Work From Home Opportunity. Tell us about yourself I am Sakshi Aggarwal,... Continue Reading →

Bakeology – Vocal for Local

Details about the founder Hi This is Sonali Shah, born and raised in Mumbai and relocated to Bangalore post marriage. Basically from a finance background. Worked with Siemens for 7 years and overall 13 years in finance.Post pregnancy I took a career break for 3 years and those 3 years helped me find myself. Then I... Continue Reading →

Nature Nest – Vocal for Local

A few months ago, I started the column called Vocal for local, to encourage, small and new businesses, by appreciating them. Today, we have a venture from Banglore, which is run by Sonali Shah. Nature's Nest is a Organic Soaps Brand. Details about the founder Hi This is Sonali Shah, born and raised in Mumbai... Continue Reading →

BuzzingBees – Vocal For Local

"It doesn't matter who you are, where you come from. The ability to triumph begins with you- Always."- Oprah Winfrey Gayathri Vamsi, founder and CEO of BuzzingBees, has carved a niche in this venture by bringing together her passion for teaching, working with children, and leading a healthy lifestyle. An MBA graduate, Gayathri first discovered her... Continue Reading →

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