Class Based Reservation

RELEVANCE OF CLASS BASED RESERVATION The  theme  of  Reservation  Policy  usually  triggers  controversies  and  evokes  passionate reactions and debates amongst both adherents and detractors. Irrespective of the context in which  it  is  invoked,  the  philosophical  content  of  the  idea  is  essentially  contestable  and complex. This study is based on students belongs to ‘scheduled caste’ and... Continue Reading →

From Liberal to Cosmopolitan Democracy

The possibilities then for the making of economical establishments of worldwide administration are unsure. Existing worldwide associations experience the ill effects of extreme vote based shortfalls and are driven by the interests of the elites of the most remarkable states, while non-state entertainers inside worldwide society do not have the intelligibility and authenticity to effectively... Continue Reading →

Secularism and CAA

Click Here to read the previous article, before proceeding to read this article Dangers to Secularism While, the Indian Constitution announces the state being totally nonpartisan to all religion, our general public has saturated with religion. Blending of Religion and Politics that is activation of decisions on grounds of early stage characters like religion, rank... Continue Reading →

Meaning of Secularism

Introduction For me, the word 'secular' holds no fear. Rather, I am aware of the organizers of India's secular constitution, for example, B R Ambedkar and Rajendra Prasad. Their aim in elevating secularism was to perceive officially the religious variety of Indian culture. Mohandas Gandhi, the motivation behind the Constitution, was himself a profoundly religious... Continue Reading →

Shortcomings of the present day Judicial System

The Constitution of India is upholded by the Supreme Court and subordinated courts as “law of land”.It aims of ensuring the political, social as well as economic forms of justice to each and every citizen of India. Citizens if having any greivance approaching courts to seek redressal as refraining from taking law in their hands... Continue Reading →

Present Day Media

A democracy ideally stands on three main Pillars namely Legislature, Executive and the Judiciary. According to Edmund Burke Media is considered as the fourth wheel of Democracy. The freedom of press is mentioned implicitly in our constitution in Article 19(1) (a), every citizen has the fundamental right of free speech and expression, and the same... Continue Reading →

How some professions sailed through the Pandemic

The Pandemic has hit all the major industries across the world. Almost everyone had to face some or the other challenge financially at some stage. While, some lost their jobs, some of them had to close down their business, which they had set up since ages. Unemployment is at an all time high across the... Continue Reading →

Promoting Domestic Violence

So every now and the  we come across  articles and news items and discussions on how television and other media openly promotes the Western culture, rape, Alchohol, drugs, short clothes etc. Etc. But how many times have we heard that the media is directly promoting Domestic Violence.  The moment you switch on any soap saga,... Continue Reading →

Why a woman is a woman’s biggest enemy?

The Indian Television Industry survives on the basic formula that a woman is a woman’s biggest enemy. They ensure that the more the mother-in-law torments the daughter in law or vice a versa, or the more the cruel minded the vamp is, the more they can en cash on their TRP. I am also a... Continue Reading →

My Experiences As A 5-Year-Old During The 1992 Mumbai Riots

The fight for building Ram Mandir began almost 500 years ago. After almost 50 plus years of litigation, a Court Order that was passed a few years ago. Today finally, the foundation stone for the building of Ram Mandir was laid down by Hon'ble Prime Minister of the Country. A struggle, for which millions of... Continue Reading →

How Fake News has destroyed business during the Pandemic

These days we get news updates per minute. We have reached in such a world where it has become mandatory for us to know what is happening in the world every minute. This demand has put pressure on the news agencies to create the maximum buzzing content every minute. Who cares if the content is... Continue Reading →

India has population not man power

Yesterday was world population day. Since last few months we have been battling one of the worst Pandemic Situation. Lack of medical Infrastructure, lack of Police Personnel , Essential Service Providers etc.etc. have been something that we have suddenly faced since last few days. We have an official population of about 130 crore people. Still... Continue Reading →

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