Social Change

Social Change (Intoduction)- The word ‘’change’’ denotes a difference in anything observed over a period of time. Social change, therefore, would mean observable differences in any social phenomena over any period of time. The following are some of its definitions- Jones, ‘’Social change is a term used to describe variations in, or modifications of ,... Continue Reading →

Child Labour

Child Labour Employing children below 14 years old age is called child labour. International Convention of the Rights of Child says that employing anybody below 18 years of age would amount to child labour. Children are employed because they are required to do some delicate work which can be done only by children. Apart from... Continue Reading →

Do we need stricter laws or better implementation of the present laws

Rape, the word which left a worst effect on a victim or sometimes, deceased, the women, who enjoys the equal constitutional status as per Indian Constitution but still become the victim of domination of men. The women have equal right to live with dignity and without the consent, no men can touch her, or think... Continue Reading →

Data Privacy Law

Is our data safe?  Data privacy is basically the personal identifiable information of a person ranging from name, DOB, email address and ID numbers and so on depending on the regulation, the companies need to ensure not mere in words but practically to its user that his data is as secure as he does not... Continue Reading →


Terrorism is a phenomenon that has been known to mankind for more than two millennia, but over this long period of time, no-one has succeeded in defining terrorism in a manner that is universally acceptable and encompasses all essential elements. Therefore, the frequently utilised word ‘terrorism’ does not refer to a well-defined and clearly identified... Continue Reading →

Protesting is a right, violence will have consequences

The Indian Constitution 's history is shaped by its struggle for independence, in which the seeds of a public political domain and a democratic Constitution were sown. The Indians struggled hard and long to voice their opinions on colonial policies and laws openly, to disagree with them, to shape their minds and form public opinion... Continue Reading →

Cyber Crime During Pandemic

 The coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic is the defining global health crisis of our time and the greatest challenge we have faced since World War II. The pandemic is moving like a wave- and creating fear everywhere, but the health is not only the darker side of society, some other problems are coming along with this and our society... Continue Reading →

Rights of an Arrested Person

Introduction Our Indian constitution has given the right to each citizen of India from lower to upper castes/clan and from weaker to poorer. It also provides rights to the foreigner as wel,l though limited. But the great feature of Indian constitution is that it even provides rights to those who have been arrested or had... Continue Reading →

Different types of crime comminted against women

“It is not just women who are paying an enormous price for this culture and religious prejudice. We all suffer when women and girls are abused and their needs are neglected. By denying them security and opportunity, we embed unfairness in our society and fail to make the most of the talents of half the... Continue Reading →

Effects of Population Explosion

Abstract Human overpopulation keeps on being a squeezing issue for the health and feasibility of the climate, which impacts the endurance and prosperity of human population s. Restricting the quantity of posterity one delivers or choosing to remain children  free might be seen as an environmental conduct (PEB) that can essentially diminish one's carbon impression.... Continue Reading →

Prime Minister’s Fund

Introduction:- After the COVID-19 declaration of pandemic and declaration of lockdown all over the country after which huge migrant workers problem came up. To deal with this problem PM Narendra Modi announced about a fund in 28th March “PM Cares Fund”—Prime Minister’s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situation Fund – which is a public... Continue Reading →

Vicarious Liability of Hospitals

The medical career is one of the oldest, and most humanitarian, professions. After Lord, doctors in India are considered as second life savers. In contrast to other cases of neglect, the quality of care rendered by physicians and hospital authorities is expected to be higher. The government and physicians must also take due precautions to... Continue Reading →

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