Licensing and Surveillance

What is licensing and surveillance? The Bureau of Indian Standards is a governing body in the field of food, consumption and public distribution operating under the Act of 2016. The authority performs its operations to prescribe standardisation of goods and services. For every product to sell in a market needs to go through the process... Continue Reading →

The 5 Most Intelligent Crimes Committed In India

Annual government reports from the National Crime Bureau reveal that over 50 lakh crimes are committed in India every year, according to the National Crime Bureau. With a population of over 130 million people and a society beset by economic and social problems, a slew of crimes are reported in the country on a daily basis. Some crimes, on the other hand, stand out for the sheer amount of intelligence and brainpower that went into them. Several crimes in India have raised eyebrows, ranging from exploiting systemic flaws to devising novel methods of evading law enforcement authorities.   A list of the five most intelligent crimes committed in India is presented to you:  Harshad Mehta's Securities Scam of 1991 was the first of its kind.  In India, a stockbroker known as Harshad Mehta, also known as the 'Big Bull' on the Bombay Stock Exchange, cleverly extracted large sums of money from the banking system by taking advantage of their loopholes and investing the resulting wealth in the stock market, earning him the nickname. He engaged in massive stock manipulation, in which he not only drained capital from the banking system but also increased demand for certain stocks, which he then sold at a much higher profit, enabling him to amass millions of dollars.   Mehta was successful in manipulating share prices through this system to the point where shares of companies such as ACC, one of India's largest cement producers, increased from Rs 200 per share to Rs 9000 per share in a matter of three months. Sucheta Dalal, a Times of India columnist who was later awarded the Padma Shri, was the person who brought the scam to light.   When this scam was exposed, the stock markets went into freefall. This scam had swindled at least Rs 40 billion from the Indian banking system, making it not only one of the most intelligent crimes committed in India but also one of the most expensive crimes committed anywhere in the world. Harshad Mehta was arrested in December 2001 and died in Thane prison as a result of a heart condition. He had a total of 28 cases filed against him at the time of his arrest.  Unknown Indian hacker (the perpetrator of the world's largest cybercrime)  In 2008, an unknown Indian hacker was arrested and charged with the largest cybercrime in history. The man was accused of aiding a criminal gang in hacking into the identities of an estimated eight million people in a hacking raid that could have resulted in a net worth of more than £2.8 billion in illegal funds. Using an underground network operated by the Russian mafia, he was able to breach the IT defenses of the Best Western Hotel group's online booking system in the United Kingdom and sell the information on how to get into the system.   Data exposed in the breach included a variety of private information, including home addresses and telephone numbers, as well as credit card information and employment information. The Sunday Herald newspaper in Scotland discovered the flaw and alerted the hotel's management, who were able to close the security breach in time, but the stolen information was already being exploited by cybercriminals at the time. It has not been possible to determine the identity of the original Indian hacker, confirming the event's status as one of the most intelligent crimes committed in India to date.  The Burglary at the Sydney Opera House  In March 1987, Mohan Singh pretended... Continue Reading →

Sexual harassment of women in the workplace

As more and more women began to enter the workforce in an emerging Indian economy, the malady of sexual harassment began to manifest itself in a variety of fields.  From the police and the army to multinational corporations and sports, it is regrettable that no field of human endeavor has been left unaffected by this tragedy.  A legislative solution that could protect the rights of these working women was urgently required.  As has been the case with many laws, it was judicial activism that brought this one to the attention of the public for the first time.      What Do you Understand by Sexual Harassment in the workplace?    The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition, and Redressal) Act of 2013 was passed to combat sexual harassment of women at work.  It defined sexual harassment, outlined the procedures for filing a complaint and conducting an investigation, as well as the actions that would be taken.     It widened the scope of the Vishaka guidelines, which had already been established. The Supreme Court of India issued a judgment in 1997 that established the Vishaka guidelines. This was in the context... Continue Reading →

India and Nepotism

Introduction  Indian politics cannot be a career, but a family business. If your daddy is an MP or MLA, then you are going to regard the constituency as a heritage. When the time for the general election comes round for electing an applicant party to hand out tickets to the folks of MPs as though... Continue Reading →


The Kashmir files: A long hidden truth revealed about disparity of Kashmiri Hindus and pandits. It brought us the truth that happened in India in 1990s and it shares the Real story of Kashmir which was not exodus of Kashmiri Hindus but Genocide. And one religion people were brainwashed to get into terrorism and murdered... Continue Reading →

Surrogacy: An Indian Perspective

“Motherhood is the greatest thing and the hardest thing.” – Ricki Lake. INTRODUCTION The 'Surrogate" word has its origin within the Latin term Surrogatus' meaning a woman acts as a substitute for another woman. It is a method of assisted reproduction or assisted reproductive technology (ART) where on behalf of another person or couple a... Continue Reading →

Minortism: The threat it poses to Bharat in the 21st century

THE MEANING OF A NATION AND ITS APPLICATION TO BHARAT Article 1 of the Indian constitution declares that India, that is Bharat, shall be a Union of States. We are different people, but we are fine together. That is the nature of this country. The beauty of this land is that it observes every identity... Continue Reading →

India’s Political Culture

Photo by Pixabay on Culture is a manner of lifestyles. Transmission of subculture into political action is referred to as Political Culture. Political Socialization is the way and Political Culture is the end of the Political System. After the Second World War, new principles like political system, political socialization, political subculture, power and authority... Continue Reading →

Statue Of Equality

Recently our P.M has inaugurated the 'Statue Of Equality' in Hyderabad. It become the world's second tallest statue in seated position with 216 feet. This article focuses on some basic information and interesting facts about the statue . Do you guys know that which saint's statue is named as 'Statue of Equality' ? And why... Continue Reading →


Gender justice is a human right where all women and girls are entitled to live their lives in dignity and freedom without any fear. Gender justice can only be achieved by sharing Powers and responsibility between men and women with out any dissemination. Women’s are considered as vulnerable , this is because the women around... Continue Reading →

Misuse of Section 498A IPC

Introduction: In India's last 20 years of criminal law reform, a recurrent argument levelled against laws dealing with violence against women has been that women exploit such laws. Such "misuse" claims were fiercely pushed by the police, civic society, politicians, and even High Court and Supreme Court judges. Misuse was asserted, notably in relation to... Continue Reading →

Legal Family structure: Oppressive and heteronormative

In Indian society, the institution of the family is ingrained in sociocultural sexism having heteronormative parochial views where monogamy takes supersedence. There is no single definition of what constitutes a family. However, it is recognized that a family is an integral unit of society formed by interpersonal relationships. The broader and widely accepted definition in... Continue Reading →

Wages against Housework

“They say its love; let’s say it’s an unwanted job.They call it frigidity; we call it absenteeism.”             Starting with such denting lines Silvia Federici’s ‘The wages against Housework Manifesto’ circumnavigates around the everyday oppression that is faced by the housewives particularly in the lower middle class and poor section, they are subjected to such... Continue Reading →


WHAT ARE OIL BONDS? Oil bonds are special securities issued by the government to oil marketing companies in lieu of cash subsidy. These bonds are typically of a long-term tenure like 15-20 years and oil companies are paid interest. Oil bonds are special securities issued by the government to oil marketing companies in lieu of... Continue Reading →


EVER ENTERED A PARTY and didn't know what to do? Even assuming thatyou do not know the people, stop hiding behind pillars. minimal preparation, youcan engage with panache. Have A Road Map:Conversation with strangers typically moves through five stages, says psychologistBernardo Carducci. From opening line (keep 11 simple) and introductions, totrying out topics and exploring... Continue Reading →

Law And Social Change

Law And Social ChangeThe abstract idea of '' social change'' evinces dimension of some of the characteristics of a group of people. If any action which affects a group of people who shared values or characteristics can also be said as ''social change.''Generally, the change in existing pattern of social life is known as ''... Continue Reading →

Rights of LGBTQ person in India and the struggle for Societal Acceptance

‘I am what I am, so take me as I am’ Johann Wolfgang Shakespeare through one of his characters in a play says ―What’s in a name? If we call a rose by any other name, then also it would smell the same. This phrase conveys that what really matters are the essential qualities and fundamental... Continue Reading →


Bullying is the intentional, aggressive imposition of power over another person. Not only an individual but also a group of people combinely can be involved in the act of bullying someone. Bullying is the use of force, threat, or coercion to abuse, intimidate, or aggressively dominate others. When people or a group of people exert... Continue Reading →


INTRODUCTION The Prime Minister of India delivered a keynote address at United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) on Desertification, Land degradation and Drought via Video Conference. At the summit on June, 2021, Our Prime Minister, Mr. Modi said that India is on track to achieve its national commitment of Land degradation neutrality. He further... Continue Reading →


The unique characteristics and behavior patterns of an human being are what distinguishes one human from the next. Some tend to be completely socially active like the extroverts and some who like to enjoy their own company and are reserved with their self like the introverts. Introvert character is mostly judged a lot by the... Continue Reading →

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