Indian Villages – Our Weakness

Indian Villages – Weakness of India:- Ignorance rate is high in towns.Destitution lies more in towns.Joblessness lies more in towns.Absence of water office, transport office, instructive establishments.Expansion in populace in view of high lack of education rate in towns.Baby death rate is high a result of lack of education.A large portion of India's populace is... Continue Reading →

Indian Villages – the strength of India

What afflicts Indian Villages? Our towns are not appropriately kept up they don't know about what's going on around the globe and even in the urban communities around them. What makes the city age to abhor towns is their outrageous reliance on culture. Their convictions are excessively old for the current age culture. They need... Continue Reading →

Indian Villages – Individuals in Town

Individuals in towns: Indian towns, to my view are acceptable in light of the fact that town individuals are great diligent employees and blameless, and they are for the most part living with quiet. Also, they are altogether not depending with others. Everyone work and live. Assume to take a municipality people they are on... Continue Reading →

Indian Villages – Reliance

Reliance: City individuals are more reliant on town items, instead of towns on city items. For instance if a resident don't get tooth glue he can utilize need twig, he can live without extravagant things delivered in urban communities. Be that as it may, city individuals can't make do without town items like food grains,... Continue Reading →

Indian Villages – Custom and Culture

The nation is sparkling in numerous fields like games, business, governmental issues and a lot more however the world as yet perceives India for its assorted culture. This culture is practically dead in urban areas however these are as yet living in towns subsequently they add to our redesign. Indian towns exist still due to... Continue Reading →


Introduction In 2020 one term i. e. Nepotism was insanely used by media houses and  common people around the Country. Diverse of opinions expressed in the talk shows, panel discussions regarding the ill effects of Nepotism upon freshers  of any industry. In this Article I will try to analyse what nepotism is and how it... Continue Reading →


Everything in world is catering and the Government i.e. the ruling party BJP has its own odd priorities. Is it really fair that law deciding any other matter relating to marriage of the two individual? The UttarPradesh government in the latest ordinance proposed “seeking unlawful conversion for the purpose of marriage is unacceptable”.  The media have been reporting it as the... Continue Reading →

How culture affects the law of the Nation.

The words culture and law have very different meanings according to any dictionary. In our day to day life, we understand culture as the rich, vibrant heritage of the society, the colours, customs and traditions, festivals, way of living, the civilisation, and the core of the society. By hearing the word culture we understand the... Continue Reading →

Rights of Minorities – National Minority Rights Day

“The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities”, Ayn Rand, Russian- American writer and philosopher said. The world consists of people belonging to different races, religions, creeds, gender etc and live together in harmony. Among the large group of individuals we share many... Continue Reading →

Present Day Media

A democracy ideally stands on three main Pillars namely Legislature, Executive and the Judiciary. According to Edmund Burke Media is considered as the fourth wheel of Democracy. The freedom of press is mentioned implicitly in our constitution in Article 19(1) (a), every citizen has the fundamental right of free speech and expression, and the same... Continue Reading →

History of Farm Bills and reason behind the Protest

Since the last few days, we have been watching the news about Farmer's protesting the Farm Bill. Even though majority of the farmers are happy about the new amendments and the implementation of the same, there are a few sections in our society, who are unhappy with the same. But before we understand why they... Continue Reading →

How some professions sailed through the Pandemic

The Pandemic has hit all the major industries across the world. Almost everyone had to face some or the other challenge financially at some stage. While, some lost their jobs, some of them had to close down their business, which they had set up since ages. Unemployment is at an all time high across the... Continue Reading →

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