A Buzzing Gayathri

Gayathri Vamsi, a mother of two active boys and the Founder of Buzzing Bees, shares some insights about her life and her venture. She conducts different classes for Children as well as parents such as Phonics, Social Skills, Reading Club, Young Authors, Mystic Mythology (Shlokas, Stories and values from Indian Mythology), Mom and me (Mother... Continue Reading →

Being a Solopreneur

While the difference between Solopreneur and Enterpreneur is a very narrow. The similarity between both is that they both have started up their own busines or services. These days a lot of youngsters are starting their own start up but with a new start up comes in new set of challlenges. Being a Solopreneur means... Continue Reading →

Want to learn DIY Activities with your children?

This Momma Sangeeta Yadav, shows you how you can make DIY activities with your children. DIY activities are a great way to increase your child's hand and eye co-ordination and also to engage them. DIY activites with your child is also a good way to bond with them while increasing their cognitive skills. 1. Tell... Continue Reading →

A Mommy who takes care of your skin

Taking care of the skin has a practice, that we followed for centuries. Earlier, women used whatever nature provided us with. Subsequently, we started using what Industries provided us with. Now, We are back to using what nature is providing us by using organic products. Meet Mansi Mehta, a mom, who started this brand after... Continue Reading →

Artistic Mom

I e-met, Lakshmi Viswanathan through another friend. When she shared her paintings with me. I was shocked and had literally no words to express. I wanted to know more about her. If you think that only degree from a reputed college at the so called right age can help you succeed in life. Then this... Continue Reading →

When Music Heals the Soul

I first E-Met Radha Ramnath, in the Facebook Community, Mumbai Moms. Every night she would upload a song in her melodious voice, which just freshed up everyone's mind. She also has a group called as the Sunday Jammers, where all the music lovers get together and jam. Here under is a sneak peak of our... Continue Reading →

She is a SuperMom and yes she is Mitali Jakatdar

So the Idea of this Column is to fulfill my childhood passion of writing Biographies. Yes my favorite subject is people and who are the most interesting people than mothers themselves. So presenting my first small Biography on none other than SuperMom Mitali. Mitali is a mother of 2 Beautiful daughters and 2 Canine babies,... Continue Reading →

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