Law related to abortion – Part 3

Do read the previous articles on Abortion Laws Related To Miscarriage in India It is possible to get an abortion under the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971 if the pregnancy is under 20 weeks. However, it is subject to several conditions and the ability to get an abortion will depend on the opinion of... Continue Reading →

Law related to Abortion – Part 2

Click here to read the previous part of Law Related to Abortion - Part 1 Elements should be disclosed by the Complainant while making a complaint under section 313 The accused was aware of the fact that the woman was pregnantHis/her actions resulted in the miscarriage of the pregnant woman. The said actions were committed... Continue Reading →

Law related to Abortion – part 1

ABSTRACT The project work basically talks about the miscarriage which is related to women in India and lays special emphasis on Sections 313 and Sections of IPC which are related to punishments for miscarriage. This project basically talks about the detailed study of miscarriage in India, punishments which are related to it and also talks... Continue Reading →

Effects of Population Explosion

Abstract Human overpopulation keeps on being a squeezing issue for the health and feasibility of the climate, which impacts the endurance and prosperity of human population s. Restricting the quantity of posterity one delivers or choosing to remain children  free might be seen as an environmental conduct (PEB) that can essentially diminish one's carbon impression.... Continue Reading →

How Racism has harmed Pregnant Women

"In a racist society, it is not enough to be non-racist.  We must be anti-racist"                                                                                                  -Angela Davis Racism has been defined as a multidimensional concept involving the discrimination, superiority, and denigration of people by other persons and social organisations on the basis of skin colour and/or membership of a certain ethnic group. Racism may... Continue Reading →

Health is Wealth – healthy food for pregnant mothers

From ages we women tend to ignore ourselves. We fail to understand that a person who is in good physical shape is the well-heeled person. This implies specially to women. She is the person who take care of all and sundry ignoring her own health. I am a mother of two boys. They have difference... Continue Reading →

9 Months of Roller Coaster

Those 9 months are the most beautiful moments in a mother's life. These are the 9 months, wherein the mother has the child exclusively for herself. Nobody can touch or feel the child, apart from the mother. I still remember the day when I was holding my baby for the first time. It was the... Continue Reading →

Difference between my both Pregnancies

I have two children. Elder Son born in the year 2014 and younger daughter born in the year 2019. My journey of 9 months was totally different during both my pregnancies. Biologically and also socially. Some changes were beyond my control, some changes were those that I could control. Every pregnancy is different. Even if... Continue Reading →

Miscarriage: We Really Need To Talk About It

The moment we see those two pink lines on the Pregnancy Test Kit, our joys know no limit. The unknown bond between mother and the child has already come into existence. Even though you have not met the baby, yet you feel like your baby was always with you, as an inseparable part. Unfortunately, not... Continue Reading →

The Most Beautiful Journey

Sometimes it is not the journey but it is the companion who makes your journey the most memorable. One of such journey was my 9 months with my Son and my better half. While during our pregnancy we tend to always be surrounded by thoughts about our unborn tiny tot we sometimes tend to ignore... Continue Reading →

How food affects your mental health

Mental Health is a taboo topic in our society. We seldom discuss the topic with our peers. Anybody suffering from Mental Health issues choose to hide their issues rather than speaking about it because they are scared to be judged. One of the things that affects your mental health is Food. Though it may seem... Continue Reading →

A C-Section Mother is not a Mother

Since today morning, I came across atleast three post, wherein women were ranting about the mommy shaming they had to go because they had a C- Section birth. How many times, have we women not being shamed for our choices that we make. Admitted that giving birth is a natural process and only women have... Continue Reading →

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