Stop Domestic Violence and Empower Women

Women facing stereotypes at every level and each field because of the mentality of male dominates woman. Though women have favoured position in business over men because they deal every contract seriously and painstakingly, although, the aim to boost and influence women as men is yet to come, the progress towards the equality between genders,... Continue Reading →

Increasing Crime Rate in India

INTRODUCTION Crime is an inevitable part of a nation/country. Where there will be people, a living population residing then it’s obvious that the crime in some form or other will take place. People are subject to different kind of emotions and thus, different mood swings.  Each human being is brimmed with divergent characteristics making him... Continue Reading →

Position of Daughter in her father’s co-parcenary

Introduction In Recent development, Supreme Court gave a landmark judgment Vineeta Sharma v Rakesh Sharma & ors. regarding the daughter’s rights in coparcenary of her father and whether she can claim rights in coparcenary of her father irrespective of the father living or dead at the time of Hindu Succession (Amendment) Act, 2005. A three-judge... Continue Reading →

Different types of crime comminted against women

“It is not just women who are paying an enormous price for this culture and religious prejudice. We all suffer when women and girls are abused and their needs are neglected. By denying them security and opportunity, we embed unfairness in our society and fail to make the most of the talents of half the... Continue Reading →

A C-Section Mother is not a Mother

Since today morning, I came across atleast three post, wherein women were ranting about the mommy shaming they had to go because they had a C- Section birth. How many times, have we women not being shamed for our choices that we make. Admitted that giving birth is a natural process and only women have... Continue Reading →

Redefining ageing


Luxuries in a Mom’s Life

Sometimes it is important that we mothers also pamper ourselves. Unfortunately, even today when a mother pampers herself, by doing some simple activity that she loves or has some me time, she is called names by the society. The society really has no other job than creating and implementing a moral code of conduct for... Continue Reading →

Thoughts of a Second Time Mom

You need a son and a daughter to complete your family. A common statement that every woman hears post her marriage. Irrespective of the Gender of the first child (plays even more important role if the first child is a female), the society insist that you have a second child. Having a child is a... Continue Reading →

Taking Children to workplace

I still remember, during my childhood, when my neighbor used to go to her mother's office on one fine Saturday. Apart from that, I also visited my father's office once or twice a year. It was nothing fancy, unlike today, just a table and desk , a ceiling fan and loads and loads of papers.... Continue Reading →

A Mother who could not breast feed

Whenever, I met saw mothers nursing their children, I felt that this was the ultimate pleasure of motherhood. I thought, when I have my own child, I would breastfeed it for hours and love him to the core. The first part of my wish was completed, for I had a nice healthy baby but unfortunately... Continue Reading →

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