Mother : A World to the Family

Treat your mom special while staying in lockdown amidst the Pandemic. Although the Covid-19 crisis continues to make it difficult for everyone to come together to celebrate mother's Day. But you can take over all the chores by cooking her favorite dishes. Mother's Day in 2021 will be different as it hard because you just... Continue Reading →

Plasma Donation : Treatment or an Experiment ?

In the attempt to find an apt cure for the worldwide spread disease COVID-19, several medical practitioners are coming up with different ideas to have control over the current situations. One of such most recommended and previously tested process being Plasma therapy in gaining recognition internationally to cure the final stage COVID-19 patients. It is a medical... Continue Reading →

Alcohol Addiction

Due to the stress and increasing tensions in today’s fast pacing life, people are getting into the trap of alcohol addictions. A large number of youths and unemployed people are usually seen drinking alcohol to get relief from the stress or other problems they are suffering from as they think that it is the right... Continue Reading →

What we can do to curb Covid spread

I have started spending less time on social media until and unless it is nothing urgent. Social Media was something that I used to see to destress myself but these days it only adds upto to my anxiety. The way news channels report news, we feel that all of us are going to die any... Continue Reading →

Family during lockdown

The pandemic has changed the way our relationships have evolved in the last few days. Unfortunately, it is not treating everyone the same way. While, some of us have been lucky enough to have food, clothing and shelter, some of us are not that fortunate. At presently, I reside with my husband, kids and in-laws... Continue Reading →

When I learnt about Self Love….

The Corona Virus had brought the world to a standstill. Yes, it did affect me also. Just like everyone, I also underwent a lot of emotional turmoil. Self Love was something that was missing in my life. I learnt the concept of Self Love, as a young adult, when I saw the movie Jab We... Continue Reading →

How social media changed parenting for me

True. Change is the only thing that is constant. If we do not change ourselves with time, we would be left behind in the race for survival. In the 2000's or to be specific post 2010, social media slowly started playing a very important role in our lives. Something that was meant to bring the... Continue Reading →

Commercialisation of Healthcare – 4

Government debasement Government run clinics are set up to ensure that appropriate clinical medicines are given to individuals beneath the destitution line with no impediment. It is hurried to offer social support to destitute individuals who can't bear the cost of the costs of paying the expenses of a specialist and to purchase meds. In... Continue Reading →

Commercialisation of Health care 3

Commercialization of Health area in India The disappointment of Indian state in offering satisfactory types of assistance to its residents has been one of the primary drivers for the ascent of private enterprise in the nation. One of the most fundamental conveniences which a large number of individuals the nation over need is the admittance... Continue Reading →

Commercialisation of Health Care – 2

Commercialization of Healthcare The Market Approach to Healthcare Is "Wasteful and Self-defeating," Journalist Tells Assembly Contending that the commercialization of medical care is as wrong financially as it is ethically, writer Robert Kuttner, PhD, told an overall meeting crowd that government activity will be required if the United States is to push toward inclusion for... Continue Reading →

Commercialisation of healthcare – 1

About    Just 22 percent of the wellbeing consumption is public subsidized in India when contrasted with 44 percent in the US, or 95 percent in nations like Sweden or 75 percent in all the market economies of the world taken together. In Favours:- Private clinics go through immense measures of cash to purchase fundamental... Continue Reading →

Am I Ready to send my Son to school

The Lockdowns have relaxed now. Slowly, everybody is trying to get things back to normal. I am the mother of a 6-year-old and a 1 and a half-year-old. There has been news about schools trying to reopen by January 2021, but I am not sure that I will send my son to school, at least... Continue Reading →

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