Mom and Co

I recently came across a beautiful Mini Series Called as Mom and Co. It is a beautiful mini-series about a middle class Mom and Son, who start a venture together, called as Aai's Kitchen. The story is a beautiful journey of Aditya and His Mom and their journey in their maiden journey called as Aai's... Continue Reading →

Are Celebrities treated unfairly by the media – 3

To recap, we need to separate between the two sorts of media referenced previously. Positive media contributes generally to the creation of renowned individuals while the awful one very influences the protection of those acclaimed individuals. Consequently, we ought to give a valiant effort to energize the positive media and to forestall such negative one.... Continue Reading →

Present Day Media

A democracy ideally stands on three main Pillars namely Legislature, Executive and the Judiciary. According to Edmund Burke Media is considered as the fourth wheel of Democracy. The freedom of press is mentioned implicitly in our constitution in Article 19(1) (a), every citizen has the fundamental right of free speech and expression, and the same... Continue Reading →

When I revisited the Twilight Saga once again

Twilight was the second fiction series that I had read after Harry Potter. My friend was crazy about Vampires and forced me to read this series. Till then the only Vampires, I knew were from Scooby Doo Series. Till all happened at the age of 25. I read the first book and fell in love... Continue Reading →

Shakuntala Devi – my review

Do you think marriage is more important or career ? This seems to be the standard prototype question every person thinks should be answered by a woman. No matter how much we claim to have changed or modernised ourselves, yet we love to judge women for their every action or inaction. Today, it is common... Continue Reading →

Why I religiously watched the Big Bang Theory

Producer: Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady Cast: Johnny Galecki (Leonard Hofstader) Jim Parsons (Sheldon Cooper) Kailey Cuoco (Penny) Simon Helberg (Howard Wolowitz) Kunal Nayyar (Rajesh) Maiyam Bialik (Amy Farah Fowler) Mellissa Raunch (Bernadette) Kevin Sussman (Stuart) The Big Bang Theory, which went on for 12 Seasons, was one of my Favourite series which I have... Continue Reading →

Breathe: Into the Shadows a review

Star Cast: Abhishek A Bachchan, Nithya Menen, Amit Sadh, Shraddha Kaul, Saiyami Kher. Finally I watched Breathe: Into the Shadows on Amazon Prime and I really enjoyed it. It is actually like a Breath of fresh air. The basic crux of the story is Avinash Sabharwal's, who is a renouned Psychiatrist from Delhi, his daughter... Continue Reading →

When a Thappad put me to sleep

So finally after all the hype on Social Media, I decided to watch Thappad on Amazon Prime. To be frank, I found the movie very dry, slow and boring. Yes, they had to send out a message but somehow it I felt bored through the same. The basic bottomline of the movie is, Tapsee Pannu,... Continue Reading →

When I Was Born

This is a small poem dedicated to those strong people amongst us,who chose to fight against the destiny rather than to sit and take sympathy. When I was Born When I was born, everybody came to see me, They congratulated my mummy, But not with happiness. My mummy and Daddy were happy, I could feel... Continue Reading →

Panchayat – a surprising web series

The lockdown has given me ample time to have a look at the web-series at my leisure time. So I recently completed watching a webseries on Amazon Prime, called Panchayat. This web-series is produced from the house of TVF, who have been producing some entertaining series on YouTube. The series has 8 episodes of about... Continue Reading →

Legend of the Blue Sea

So, one fine day, I happened to come across a small clip on facebook, where a good looking south asian man was buying a pair of shoes for a girl in the mall. What attracted me, was the innoncence of the girl and the command of the boy. While scrolling through the comments, I came... Continue Reading →

When two broke girls set friendship goals

So off late, I have been binge watching 2 Broke Girls on Amazon Prime. I remember watching a couple of episodes of this series, when it had released in 2010, but then due to some reason I stopped watching it. Recently, when I was really bored, I decided to start watching it once again and... Continue Reading →

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