Generally when we talk about the property of a women, we don’t have much clarity but we all know about the property of a man (husband) and how it will be distributed if he dies. In this article, we will get to know that who has the right over a women’s property if she dies... Continue Reading →


Introduction  From the ages, We have seen various crimes against women but one of the most common crime which has been seen on the name of marriage is dowry death. We have seen people calling it has a tradition or a custom  in which bride’s family gives valuable item to groom’s family. People also have... Continue Reading →


Families and marriage are frequently seen as the cornerstones of civilization. As long as there have been marriages, adultery has been among humans. It brings tremendous emotions to the forefront and has repercussions for everyone involved. It naturally creates friction between the parties involved, as well as between their sexual impulses and allegiance. Adultery is... Continue Reading →


Before 1955, getting a divorce as a Hindu was not always simple. Because the marriage was seen as a religious union in Hinduism. The parliament resolved to create laws pertaining to the Hindu in light of different stigmas in social life of the Hindu. However, doing so was a challenging undertaking. The lawful marriage between... Continue Reading →


INTRODUCTION In India, separate personal laws govern marriages for various communities. These private laws cover a range of family characteristics. Marriage has been described as a pure sacrament, especially in our Indian culture, a connection that unites two lives until the end of their lives, in contrast to other nations where getting married is a... Continue Reading →


INTRODUCTION Worldwide, people have come to understand the value and significance of marriage. Marriage is a legally recognised and socially accepted relationship, typically between a man and a woman. It is governed by laws, norms, conventions, beliefs, and attitudes that specify the rights and obligations of the partners and grant status to their kids.  Since... Continue Reading →

Marital Rape- A legal Crime

We are living in the 21st century but still male patriarchy prevails over dignity and self- respect of the woman. This could be seen in the exception (2) of section 375 of the Indian penal code which talks about the validity of marital rape.Violence against women has now become part of daily routine life. Marital... Continue Reading →


India is a country with full of culture and tradition. In India, there are many religions other than Hinduism, such as Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism, etc. There are people from many other religions residing in India like Muslims, Christians, and Parsis. In addition, casteism inside the religions is one of the major factors governing the policies... Continue Reading →

Types of Muslim Marriage

“Nikah, in its primitive sense, means a carnal conjunction. Some have said that it signifies conjunction generally. In the language of law it implies a particular contract used for the purpose of legalizing generation.”                                                               - Hedaya [1]             Muslim marriage has been considered a contract that legalises the procreation of children. Justice Mahmood in Abdul... Continue Reading →


Both mainstays of mankind i.e. men and women have parallel significance in part in the creation and improvement of mankind yet the women are certain to confront of few embarrassment and general public. In spite of different Shields and assurances assessable at the worldwide and in addition at the national level, before conception till final... Continue Reading →


Marital or spousal rape is the commission of non-consensual sexual acts. It is violence against women whereby a person indulges in sexual acts with their spouse without their consent and against their will. Even though sexual violence and sexual crimes against women are primitive and are as old as the institution of marriage itself, the... Continue Reading →

Panoramic View of the Right to Marry

Introduction One of the universal social institutions is marriage. It is established by human civilization in order to manage and regulate man's life. It is the foundation of a society. One of the universal social institutions is marriage. It is established by human civilization in order to manage and regulate man's life. It's the foundation... Continue Reading →

Dissolution of marriage and evolution of family courts

INTRODUCTION The concept of dissolution of marriage evolved to avoid the process of accusations and counter accusations in a divorce proceeding and to avoid unnecessary expenses involved in the process. In a divorce proceeding one party to the marriage must accuse the other of being at fault under one of the statutory grounds. Divorces based... Continue Reading →

Institutions of marriage a sacrament or a contract, causes and remedies

INTRODUCTION Marriage: In pre - Islamic Arabia marriage was termed as "Nikah"  which meant different forms of relationship between a man and woman established on certain terms . The institution of marriage is considered to keep society from ill-acts and wrong deeds of man. As it is said that "What he does in this world... Continue Reading →

Essential Conditions for Valid Muslim Marriage in India :

INTRODUCTION :. We know very well that in india marriages of each religions covered by their own personal laws . Like Hindu's marriages covered under the Hindu Marriage Act 1955 but muslim law is not codified in india it's marriages covered by its personal laws . There is a landmark case of Abdul Kadir V.... Continue Reading →


Introduction To AdulteryThe word ‘adultery’ is derived from the latin word ‘adulterium’. The ideology behind this word is similar to ‘adulteration’ which means ‘the action of making something poorer in quality by the addition of another substance’. Adulteration in any sense and in any thing is always regarded as harmful. Adulteration in food or drugs... Continue Reading →

Misuse of Section 498A IPC

Introduction: In India's last 20 years of criminal law reform, a recurrent argument levelled against laws dealing with violence against women has been that women exploit such laws. Such "misuse" claims were fiercely pushed by the police, civic society, politicians, and even High Court and Supreme Court judges. Misuse was asserted, notably in relation to... Continue Reading →

Marriage is all about Gold

" You will never be happy if you constantly worry what others think about you." In our society the top most thing that haunts about marriages are Gold ,perhaps that's the true concern . Even if you are rich or poor financially ,the girl must be buried with gold and heavy outfit ,that's a must.... Continue Reading →


INTRODUCTION Marriage is a legally recognized union of two persons in the society . This relationship creates a lot of rights and obligations among them. These rights are commonly known as conjugal rights. The word conjugal rights which means" Right to stay together ". According to the Hindu ideologies, marriage is a sacrament. It clearly... Continue Reading →


ABSTRACT Dowry system is followed in India since a very long time. Our ancestors started this system for valid reasons but now it is leading to big issues and problems for women and their families in society. In this article on dowry system in india, the main attention is toward what dowry exactly is, how... Continue Reading →

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