This act mainly deals with certain matters relating to the territorial water’s continental shelf, exclusive economic zone and other maritime zones of India.Under this Act, the rights over the land, minerals, and such resources found beneath the ocean, inside the territorial waters, continental shelf, and exclusive economic zones of the nation are vested in the... Continue Reading →

Maritime Lien

A maritime lien is a very important aspect of maritime lien. The fundamental difference between a maritime lien and the normally applicable lien is that in the case of the former, the liability of the contract falls on the ship and the other particulars (equipment and parts) of the ship rather than the ship’s owner,... Continue Reading →

Carriage of goods by sea: cargoworthiness and the duty to provide a sea worthy vessel

Introduction: The doctrine of seaworthiness is of paramount importance in admiralty law relating to the usability of a ship. In simple words, a sea worthy vessel is a ship which passes all safety checks and other relevant tests in order to sail safely. Making sure of the seaworthiness of the ship is an indispensable duty,... Continue Reading →

Jindal Iron & Steel Co. Ltd and others v. Islamic Solidarity Shipping Co. Jordan: Case Comment

The commercial value of the shipping industry today is so immense that it has been called as the backbone of international trade and global economy. International Maritime conventions and treaties have been enacted with a goal to establish a level uniformity to facilitate trade between nations and their differing maritime laws and regulations. This is a case comment on the Jindal Iron & Steel Co. Ltd and others v. Islamic Solidarity Shipping Co. Jordan case which was regarding a conflict in the interpretation of one of the provisions of the Hague-Visby Rules


Laws are known to be replete with loopholes. The Exploitation of loopholes is something everyone likes to profess outrage about, and yet I would maintain that is central to legal practice. Practical constraints supposedly make laws avoidably over or underinclusive. This article offers a different perspective to a constitution. An aspect of the battle over... Continue Reading →


Marine insurance covers the loss or destruction of ships, containers, ports and any transportation or freight between the point of origin and the final destination from which the property is moved, obtained or retained. The object of a protection contract is to put the guarantee after a misfortune in a similar relative monetary situation where... Continue Reading →

Jurisdiction of State at High Sea

(1) The right of hot pursuit Any State does not exercise its jurisdiction in the case of high or open sea because they don’t tobelong to any State. But the person, things, goods whatever is within the open sea or high seaare subjected to the jurisdiction of the State under whose flag they sail.But there... Continue Reading →


Psychology is the scientific study of behaviour, experience and mental processes. Behaviour includes all of our outward or overt actions and reactions, such as talking, facial expressions and movement. Mental processes refer to all the internal, covert actions of our minds, such as thinking, feeling and remembering. To study behaviour and mental processes in both... Continue Reading →

Meaning of spirituality

Spiritual people look very similar to the common people and hence difficult to be identified. They are usually not dressed in white, blue or ochre dress. They don’t necessarily keep beard or shave their heads. They don’t live in forest, caves or in Himalayas. They live around you but you fail to identify them. You... Continue Reading →

Importance of Uniform

Personally, I love school uniforms. There are two ways of looking at why there should be school uniforms. Equality. School uniforms means that everyone has to look the same, and that there can be no disparity between the clothing choices of students, preventing more bullying. This is actually why my school doesn’t even have full... Continue Reading →


On 22nd December 1901, Rabindranath Tagore established his school at Santiniketan with five students (including his eldest son) and an equal number of teachers. He originally named it Brahmacharya Ashram in the tradition of ancient forest hermitages. Not too many know that Shantiniketan, which means the abode of peace – long before it became the... Continue Reading →

Scope Of Maritime Law In India

I think it's associate undiscovered field with a decent scope in Asian country.There is enough work. there's many add ship financing, arbitration and different areas wherever no court-bound work happens. As , India is enclosed by water on 3 sides and has given nice importance to maritime affairs since millennia. it's continuing to receive and... Continue Reading →


ADMIRALTY (MARITIME) LAW “A SHIP IN PORT IS SAFE. BUT THAT’S WHAT NOT SHIPS ARE BUILT FOR.” Admiralty law, also called maritime law, its an mix of U.S. what's more, worldwide law that covers all agreements, misdeeds, wounds or offenses that happen on traversable waters. Chief of naval operations' office law customarily centered around maritime... Continue Reading →


Astrology is a pseudoscience that causes divine data about human issues and earthbound occasions by examining the developments and relative places of heavenly items. astrologer has been dated to at any rate the second thousand years BCE, and has its underlying foundations in calendrical frameworks used to foresee occasional movements and to decipher heavenly cycles... Continue Reading →

Admiralty Law in India

Black's Law dictionary defines maritime Law as- "the body of law governing marine commerce and navigation, the carriage at of persons and property, and marine affairs in general; the rules governing contract, tort and workers' compensation claims or relating to commerce on or over water." In simple words, Maritime Law is a set of rules... Continue Reading →


Laws of the sea were evolved during the time of Grotius and they were observed by the States as customary rules of International Law. International custom may mean a kind of practice which is qualified and distinguished from others by the existence of a corresponding legal obligation to act in according to the practice. In... Continue Reading →


The debate on vertical sovereignty (“The line between air space and outer space”) predates the space age. The phenomenon “vertical sovereignty” means that up to what height inside the territory of a state, that state exercise supreme power. In other words it is the demarcation of the countries air space and the outer space. Several... Continue Reading →

Maritime law : an oVERVIEW

Maritime law also known as Admirality law has deeply rooted in india for trade and development which holistically boosts the economy of our country. Maritime law simply means the laws governing through sea roots. the nature of Maritime Law is private in nature. Its public law counterpart is known as the Law of the Sea. this... Continue Reading →

Marine Laws

The law of Nature stated that humans have to depend on environment for their survival. Dependency is the key of continuation of cycle of environment. In simple words we can say that environment is the natural world for example the land, air and water, in which people, animals and plants live. Meanwhile on June 8th... Continue Reading →

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