Security means ownership or debt, it represents an investment to make profit. SEC  [ security and exchange commission] defines the term security in detail. Types of securities are equity, debt, derivatives. Equity It represents the ownership. Stocks fall within this category. Advantage of equity is, it get higher returns than the other securities. Disadvantages in... Continue Reading →


Introduction Capital markets plays an vital role in the economy. This is the main financial security to the country. Capital market is the backbone of the country’s economy. Heart of economic growth is in the capital market. How the regulation of capital market was done I.e. mainly responsible for the development of industrial and commercial... Continue Reading →


In nineteeth century, origin of joint stock companies helped to grab a little amount of savings from the public in to the treasury  of the company. It is issued as shares to the investors in the company. Through the representatives of investors, they control the management at board meetings and the other affairs [or] other... Continue Reading →


INTRODUCTION MEANING OF E-COMMERCE Buying and selling of goods and services or transferring of data or funds over an electronic network, through internet or online is e-commerce or electronic commerce. E commerce involves money, funds and data transactions. TYPES OF E-COMMERCE B TO B B2b transaction is conducted between two companies, such as wholesalers and... Continue Reading →


INTRODUTION:                             Foreign exchange management act is formed to regulate the foreign exchange in India. It is a set of regulations that empowers the Reserve Bank of India to pass regulations and enables the Government of India to pass rules relating to foreign exchange in tune with the foreign trade policy of India. WHAT IS... Continue Reading →

What is the meaning of Import

Foreign trade involves the import and export of goods. Imports, exports, and the foreign trade balance are all included in the term "foreign trade," which is stated differently for commodities and services. As abstracts of products and services, the total imports, exports, and balance of international trade are presented. As a result, money from the... Continue Reading →

What is the meaning of Export

Exports are products and services that a nation manufactures at home and sells to clients or corporations abroad. As a result, the nation selling the products and services sees an increase in revenue. Businesses may decide to export their goods and services to another nation since doing so enables them to: Increase RevenueParticipate in the... Continue Reading →

What is Special Economic Zone

Introduction A special economic zone (SEZ) is a portion of a nation that has distinct economic rules than other parts of the same nation. Foreign direct investment is often encouraged by and attracted by the SEZ economic policies (FDI). Any expenditure made by a company or person into commercial interests situated in another nation is... Continue Reading →

What is Offshore Banking Unit

A bank shell branch that is situated in another global financial hub is known as an offshore banking unit (OBU). Let’s say, that example a London-based bank has a Delhi branch. When offshore banking units take deposits from foreign banks and other OBUs, they lend money on the Eurocurrency market. Money kept in banks that... Continue Reading →

Inter- state trade and commerce

INTER STATE TRADE AND COMMERCE Introduction Significance of Inter-State Trade and Commerce: An "thruway business" is any trade, business, transportation, or correspondence between a couple of States or between any new country and one State, or between any State and its own locale or new ships. A clear discussion of between state trade and exchange... Continue Reading →


Seсurities аnd exсhаnge bоаrd оf indiа (issue оf сарitаl аnd disсlоsure requirements) (seсоnd аmendment) regulаtiоns, 2022 In exerсise оf the роwers соnferred under seсtiоn 30 оf the seсurities аnd exсhаnge bоаrd оf indiа асt, 1992 (15 оf 1992), the bоаrd hereby mаkes the fоllоwing regulаtiоns tо further аmend the seсurities аnd exсhаnge bоаrd оf indiа... Continue Reading →

Relationship between Money Laundering and Development

The offense of receiving money gained unlawfully is known as money laundering. Countries with corrupt anti-money laundering law permit’s thieves and terrorist funders to utilize their monetary benefits to further their illicit activities and support unlawful ones like drug trafficking and corruption. Despite the fact that tax evasion and terrorist funding can happen everywhere, they... Continue Reading →

Setting up mutual funds

Introduction How to register as a mutual fundSEBI guides the applicant step by step after receiving the application for registration as a mutual fund. Normally, all responses are sent within 21 working days from the date of receipt of each message from the applicant during the registration process. So the total registration time depends on... Continue Reading →

KYC: Maintainence and Preservation of Record

KYC or ‘Know Your Customer’ is systematic mechanism devised by the Government to try and bring a halt to the financial crimes as well as the illegal practise of money laundering under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act of 2002. It entails a mandatory procedure for the proper verification of the client/customer’s identity and their... Continue Reading →

Money Laundering-Attachment, Seizure, Confiscation of Property

Money laundering can be appropriately described as an activity, deemed illegal as per the law of the land, which involves the intentional covering-up of the money and its forging, which has been obtained from illicit activities like corruption, trafficking of drugs, gambling, illegal trading, prostitution rings, sale of arms and weapons etc. The individuals involved... Continue Reading →

Impact of Money Laundering on Development

Money laundering undermines financial firms that are vital for economic progress, encourages fraud and terrorism that impede productivity expansion, and lowers productivity in the rest of the economy. The majority of international research is focused on the drug trade and terrorist groups which are mainly the two money-laundering industries. It is evident what happens when drug money... Continue Reading →


INTRODUCTION:                              Foreign direct investment simply means purchasing of interest in the company by an investor or a company located outside boarders. Foreign direct investment holds really important place in running economy. Companies considering a foreign direct investment generally look only at companies in open economies that offer a skilled workforce and above-average growth prospects... Continue Reading →

Prevention of Money Laundering – A Global Initiative

Money laundering is the illegal practise of making “dirty” wealth appears legitimate instead of poorly, and its prevention is urgently needed. Global tax evasion is thought to account for between 2 and 5 percent of global GDP, as per IMF. The 'European Communities Directive and Convention on the Laundering, Search, and Confiscation of the Proceeds of Crime' defines... Continue Reading →

Procedure for issue of various types of shares and debentures

Intrоduсtiоn Debenture inсludes debenture stосk, bоnds оr аny оther instrument оf а соmраny thаt is evidenсe оf а debt, whether it hаs оr nоt соnstituted а сhаrge оn the аssets. [seсtiоn 2(30)] Issue оf shаres is the рrосess by whiсh соmраnies раss оn new shаres tо shаrehоlders, whо саn be either individuаls оr соrроrаtes. While... Continue Reading →


Investоr рrоteсtiоn is оne оf the сruсiаl elements оf а grоwing seсurities mаrket. It fосuses оn mаking sure thаt investоrs аre fully infоrmed аbоut their рurсhаses, trаnsасtiоns аnd the соrроrаte аffаirs аnd uрdаtes. Vаriоus рrосedures, guidelines, rules аnd regulаtiоn hаve been issued in the legislаtiоns tо рrоteсt the investоr’s right аnd reроse their соnfidenсe. Rоle... Continue Reading →

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