INTRODUCTION Human life is one of a kind and we must strive to preserve the sanctity of our fellow sentient beings. Basic human dignity and values must be respected and safeguarded. Law is a reflection of the values we hold near and dear to us. It is, therefore, no surprise that numerous legislations discuss aspects... Continue Reading →


Industrial property is one of two subsets of intellectual property (the other being copyright). It can take many forms, including patents for inventions, industrial designs (aesthetic creations related to the appearance of industrial products), trademarks, service marks, layout designs of integrated circuits, commercial names and designations, geographical indications, and protection against unfair competition. In certain... Continue Reading →

 Concept of Industrial Dispute under Industrial Dispute Act,1947

Introduction An industrial dispute is not at all a good choice.  Outcomes of industrial disputes are   distant reaching, for they disturb the social, economic and political life of a country. In any dispute, stoppage of work due to strike or any other mode resulting in stoppage of work does not affect the employees or the... Continue Reading →

New Labor law codes

Introduction Labor laws are subject of concurrent list of the Indian Constitution of Schedule 7 so both center and state governments have power to make laws on it. Before this according to a data presented by the central government there were about 40 central statutes and 100 state statutes which were prevailing in the country... Continue Reading →


If you wish to be a good leader, have an all-round personality. Read psychology, philosophy, history, anthropology, sociology, finest works, scriptures and even law.Moutasem Algharati DEFINITIONS LAW Law as a science/subject is multi-dimensional in nature because this three-letter word has many definitions and many interpretations. When a layman hears the term law he/she starts imagining... Continue Reading →

Farm Bill Repeal – What are its consequences.

The Prime Minister Modi announced the repeal of the three contentious farm laws recently in year 2021. The Parliament ( Lok Sabha + Rajya Sabha + President) has the authority to enact, amend, and repeal any law. The farm laws had witnessed protests from farmers, mainly from Punjab and Haryana, on the borders of Delhi for more than a year. Key Points Three... Continue Reading →

The Unemployment Crisis in India

Unemployment is a condition when a person searching for a job is unable to find it. Unemployment depends on the labour force and not the entire population. This is one of the major issues faced by India. One of the main reasons for unemployment is the large population prevailing in India. India's population is about... Continue Reading →

The unemployment crisis in India

Unemployment is a condition when a person searching for a job is unable to find it. Unemployment depends on the labour force and not the entire population. This is one of the major issues faced by India. One of the main reasons for unemployment is the large population prevailing in India. India's population is about... Continue Reading →

Coercion in Contract law

Introduction: Consent is regarded to be the most important component of a contract since its inception. There are variety of factors, which affects the consent of a person out of which coercion is one of them. This write up covers demonstrations that are managed under coercion, the demonstrations that fall outside its scope. Other than... Continue Reading →

Industrial Disputes Act, 1947: Mechanism for Settlement of Disputes

Conflict is inevitable but combat is optional.-Max Lucado Introduction: Disputes are an unavoidable part of any industry. A dispute can emerge for a variety of reasons, the most prevalent of which being the relationship between labourers and their wages. A dispute is triggered by a clash of interests between two parties. The employer and the... Continue Reading →


Introduction: For the efficient functioning of a working unit  an  amicable environment,  cooperation  between  the workers  and  the  employers,  reasonable  remuneration  and  proper  working  condition  are  the prerequisites. From the laissez faire to  the  ‘welfare  state’,  the  socio-economic conditions have faced drastic changes, not only in India but also across the world. The  industrial  position ... Continue Reading →

5 Important Judgments of Labour Laws in India

A landmark judgment clarifying the concept of Lockout and Lay-off- Management of Kairbetta Estate, Kotagiri Po v. Rajamanickam, 1960 AIR 893, 1960 SCR (3) 371 In this case, the manager of the appellant was violently assaulted by the workers which resulted in serious injury along with multiple fractures. The staff members of the company were... Continue Reading →

Scope of ‘Appropriate Government’ under Indian Labor Laws

“Appropriate government” is defined under section 2(b) of IRC 2020 as; “In relation to any industrial establishment or undertaking carried on by or under the authority of the Central Government or concerning any such controlled industry as may be specified in this behalf by the Central Government…… including establishments of the contractors for the purposes... Continue Reading →

Understanding the provisions of The Employees Compensation Act, 1923

The Employees Compensation Act deals with provisions relating to payment of compensation to employees. Earlier there when a employee injured or died due to accident during the course of employment the aggrieved party could approach the Civil Court for relief. The relief can only claim if the employee could prove the guilty of the employer.... Continue Reading →


For a long time there was nothing to protect the workmen against the contingency arising out an employment. The main aim of the act was to provide relief for the workman , if any injury caused to him during his employment. This relief also extend to the dependents of workman. Protection against contingency means sickness,... Continue Reading →

Need of legislation in reduction of gender pay gap

INTRODUCTION: Unless a pay disparity can be substantiated, men and women in the same workplace performing equivalent labor must be paid equally. Equal pay is necessary to comply with the law by finding, eradicating, and explaining unjustified pay disparities, as well as to contribute to a better society where everyone has equal opportunity.Due to an... Continue Reading →

The impact of education on preventing Child labour in India

INTRODUCTION COVID-19 appears to have wrecked all of the Indian government's attempts to give children with a better education and a better life. The bad financial situation of parents, as well as the inaccessibility of online education, have contributed to an increase un the number of school dropouts globally. At that age, children are encouraged... Continue Reading →


INTRODUCTION The Labour Committee 1944- 1946 was created and they immediately spotted the key cause of issues. There was a lack of understanding, on part of the employees, about employment conditions. This committee maintained that the workers had a right to know all terms and conditions related to their work and employment. They even wanted... Continue Reading →

ILO and investment law

While it is provocative that an Investment Court should systematically consider the human rights commitments of a State when an investment agreement is under debate, it should at least be clear to these courts that the achievement of human rights or the probability of violations of human rights by investment treaties may have negative consequences.... Continue Reading →


This article provides an insight into ongoing labour market reforms in India and provides critical scrutiny upon it.There are existing 44 central labour law legislations.Government taking initiatative to rationalizing, amalgamating and simplifying protective legislature available to workers,employers have to use contract workers in core and perennial activities as per law.There are constrains relating to hiring and... Continue Reading →

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