Slavery and Human Trafficking

Slavery is the use of humans as an object and buys and sell them like objects. People use slaves all sorts of tasks like physical work, sexual work, etc. Slavery is one of the main reasons behind racism that exists in every culture. Slavery severely damaged the relations between America and people with dark skin.... Continue Reading →

Is having more than two children a Crime in India ?

It’s already been more than a year of introduction ‘Population Regulation Bill, 2019’ before parliament, calling for taking action against the people having more than two children. The bill was introduced by MP Rakesh Sinha, a founding member of India Policy Foundation, an RSS-affiliated non-profit think tank. The bill was signed by 125 MP; they... Continue Reading →

Human Security

Human Security is about the protection of people more than the protection of States. Human Security and State Security should be- and often are – the same thing. But secure states do not automatically mean secure peoples. Protecting citizens from foreign attack may be a necessary condition for the security of individuals, but it is... Continue Reading →

Act of God

The term Act of God literally means any situation which is out of human control like natural disasters including tornado, flood, volcanic eruption, earthquakes, tsunami, tidal wave etc. it is a natural catastrophe which no one can prevent. It is based on the principle Vis Major  which means “a loss that results immediately from a... Continue Reading →

Human Rights Day 2020

HUMAN RIGHTS DAY 2020 "To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity." - Nelson Mandela Human rights are basically rights which are meant for every individual. In this world where there is discrimination of various kinds spread all over the world, the existence of human right is very important to ensure... Continue Reading →

Child Labour

Child Labour Employing children below 14 years old age is called child labour. International Convention of the Rights of Child says that employing anybody below 18 years of age would amount to child labour. Children are employed because they are required to do some delicate work which can be done only by children. Apart from... Continue Reading →

Begging and Poverty

Associated with the problems of poverty and unemployment is the problem of beggary which is a social problem of great magnitude and gave concern in developing and under developed countries where it exists in a crude form but the developed countries are also not immune from it where it exists in less degree. Begging is... Continue Reading →

Illiteracy, Poverty and the Backward Classes in India

In 1948, the Declaration of Human Rights stated that every individual has the right to education.Yet even today this right is denied to millions of children all over the world . Education is the vital parameter for social  and economic development of society. An illeterate society can never sustain nor develop. An illeterate society is... Continue Reading →

Animal Rights 4

What part of our ethic for individuals is by and large so expanded? One that is, truth be told, very relevant to creature use, is the key issue of gauging the interests of the person against those of the overall government assistance. Various social orders have given various responses to this issue. Authoritarian social orders... Continue Reading →

Animal Rights 3

Changing socioeconomics and subsequent changes in the worldview for animals: Though when the new century rolled over, the greater part the populace was occupied with creating nourishment for the rest, today just some 1.5% of the U.S. public is occupied with creation agriculture. 100 years prior, if one somehow happened to ask an individual in... Continue Reading →

What is Poverty

The topic briefs us about poverty,it's ill-effects in the society. Not only poverty acts as a bane for the society but tears apart the self confidence of the individual and he is unable to recieve what he wants to desire. Poverty means lack of resources that an individual pocess and unable to get all the... Continue Reading →

Is Euthanasia a necessary evil ?

The word Euthanasia has been derived from a Greek word which means “good death”. It refers to intentionally ending someone’s life to relieve his/her suffering or pain. It should never be misunderstood as killing. In India, the debate was surfaced with the case of a patient who was working at a hospital in Mumbai. While... Continue Reading →

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