Senior Citizens in India

Old Aged (Senior Citizens) In India- Old aged people forms the most important part of the society. They need special care and support in terms of wealth,socially,mentally,physically,emotionally etc by their younger ones because they are the ones who are vulnerable to many problems and social and emotional tensions because of their old age and so... Continue Reading →

How Grandparents can bond with their grandchildren

More than being a parent, I guess being a grandparent would give any human being an experience to cherish more. When after many years a tiny human being enters into your life once again, through your own blood. It is a given fact that life has give you one more chance to be a child... Continue Reading →

For them Age is just a number

For these amazing 7 singers, age is just a number. They don't care about log kya kahenge....

Celebrating Senior Citizens

August 21, is World Senior Citizens day. While we may be been busy in our lives, we have conveniently forgotten the senior citizens, who raised us and made us capable to this extent. It is important that we spare atleast a day in our life in respecting them or remembering them. I am not saying... Continue Reading →

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