Gender and Law

The study of gender and law from an anthropological perspective emerged during the 1970s.Scholars studying gender and law from an … More

Topic: Feminism

Introduction Feminism in constitution Our constitution is a set of fundamental ideologies and written codes that itself promotes equality between … More


Marital or spousal rape is the commission of non-consensual sexual acts. It is violence against women whereby a person indulges … More

Law and Morality

Laws are the set of rules created by the state and enforceable by courts. It mirrors the political, social and … More

Gender Equality

‘’To all the little girls who are watching this, never doubt that you are valuable and powerful , and deserving … More

Understanding Dalit Feminism

After reading Dr. Tamalapakula’s Understanding Dalit Feminism[1], it can be safely concluded that no straightjacked formula based on western feminism can be … More