There is no explicit clause or legislation criminalising genital mutilation, tarnishing the bodily integrity and rights over reproductive organs of a female, which have been enumerated time and again in leading judgements. This egregious infarction, perhaps unintentional on the judiciary’s part, very evidently goes against constitutional principles under the Golden Triangle, thereby ignoring the existence... Continue Reading →


The outer body is but a vessel for the soul, a divine gift that is owned by none other than the one carrying it. If one speaks in terms of the law, safe and sound ownership of one’s own body, bodily integrity and its utmost privacy are protected collectively under the Golden Triangle of our... Continue Reading →

Reforms to chapter in IPC 1860: Special reference to Third Gender Community Rights

In India, gender identity has always been a big deal in terms of both the functioning of culture and its laws. Since time immemorial, gender-specific laws have been a part of Indian legislation. Perhaps the best thing about legislation is its dynamics. Gender-neutrality in law is the roadmap to social change, which the Indian Community... Continue Reading →

Landmark case relating to Homosexuality

In this article we will discuss about section 377 which talks about the homosexuality in India so in order to understand this better we will talk about five case laws which deals with this matter. The landmark Case laws are as follows---- 1. Naz Foundation case 2009 This is the case of Naz foundation vs... Continue Reading →

Should same sex marriage be legalised in India – 3

The impugned provisions of the Special Marriage Act of 1954 are based on irrational and discriminatory stereotype gender roles assigned by the society to man and woman and thus cannot pass the test of non-discrimination imposed by Article 15(1) of the Const. Justice Chandrachud, in his concurrent opinion in Navtej Singh Judgement, had opined that:... Continue Reading →

Should same sex marriage be legalised in India 2

In the Naz Foundation v. Government of NCT of Delhi and others, It is argued that the Delhi High Court in Naz Foundation (supra) has  referred  to  and  analysed  the  concept  of  const.al  morality and ultimately struck down § 377 IPC clearly stating that carnal intercourse  between  homosexuals  and  heterosexuals  with  consent cannot be an... Continue Reading →

Should same sex marriage be legalised in India – 1

LGBTIQ [Lesbian,  Gay,  Bisexual,  Transgenders,  Intersex  and  Queer]  form  a sexual  minority  group.  From a state of absolute non-existence of rights, the LGBTIQ had waged many social wars till date for their independence and for respect as decent people or living beings. The social justice campaigns that centred on LGBTIQ rights over the years gained... Continue Reading →

Gender Neutral Rights and Laws in India

Introduction A few years ago, the #MeToo movement took the world by storm. The movement was instrumental in breaking the time old taboo of victimhood and motivating women around the world to raise voice against unwanted sexual advances. It provided a platform for victims to speak out openly about their ordeals, which in turn helped... Continue Reading →

Feminism and our Society

Feminism and the society Feminism is a not a new word, we often hear it in debates, our daily conversation etc. Still this word is often misinterpreted and misused. So what exactly does Feminism mean? Does feminism mean to give women more rights than men? Or is it like a war against men? So, Feminism... Continue Reading →

Sexual Violence in India

Sexual Violence in India Sexual violence is a problem faced by women and girls all across India. It is a challenge for the survivors of Sexual violence to get justice, and for minority community it’s even more challenging. Such crimes against children are also increasing, and have doubled in the past few years. According to... Continue Reading →

Body Shaming – a Fashion in name of Perfection

Introduction Many of us spend a significant portion of time engrossed by social media sites connecting with friends, browsing through photos or commenting on things that strike a chord with us. Often, it is harmless fun, but one of the downsides is how open it is to body shaming. Commenting on another person’s appearance is... Continue Reading →

Get a Life Eros Now !!!!

I came across the so called memes posted by Erosnow. If you haven't seen them yet. Here they are. So basically, I know that they have very bad taste in their aesthetics, considering they are in creative field. But what was the person creating the Meme thinking before he made them. I want to know... Continue Reading →

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