Coffee… From Orphanage to Stage

She had lived in an orphanage ever since she recalled. She does not have a name but everyone addresses her as Coffee because that is what she used to do. Serve coffee to all the visitors. Every day she would see couples walking in and out of the Head's room. It was her duty to... Continue Reading →

Ananya – Who killed her

There was a crowd of reporters flocking around the building. After all  it was a shocking news that a successful self made businesswoman is found dead in her apartment. Ananya was known as an entrepreneur who was an advocate for mental health. She was known as a fierce person yet one of the most kind... Continue Reading →

When Food played the cupid… A true love story

Hello Mommies... This is a true love story of one of my friends.. Siddharth and Ayesha were studying in the same class. Siddharth was an all rounder and was admired by all student and teachers. In fact he had a huge fan following. In fact even Simran the babe of the college had a crush... Continue Reading →

The day I was molested – a short story

This is a piece of fiction, a journey of a victim of molestation Age 15 :- I was in Class X. There was this boy in my building, let us call him X. A few days before he had proposed me and I had rejected. During those days being in a relationship was a taboo... Continue Reading →

Maya – A Short Story On Selfies And Self Identity

It was Saturday night and for some good reason, Maya's 2 year old toddler Siddharth was slept at 9 pm. Her husband Vishal had gone out for a party with his friends and wasn't expected until midnight. It was one of those rare moments that any wife would want, a complete peaceful time just for... Continue Reading →

A 1000 Rs note, my maid and me.

This short fiction is set in the time, when Demonitisation was suddenly announced in India. Anuradha was furiously typing on her laptop trying to finish her Article on the new demonetization and simultaneously instructing her maid about her duties for the day. Her  maid, Shanta bai was had just finished dusting the house when suddenly... Continue Reading →

We All Have A Foodie Friend. …

Hello Mommies..We all have that one friend who eats like an Elephant and still manages to look like Deepika Padukone. Thats right blame it on the metabolism rates of their bodies which makes us jealous, as we gain weight even at the sight of food. Here are few hilarious incidents of what happens when we... Continue Reading →

Makeover Mania

Anvesha was highly inspired by bollywood. She rose up to MTV, had Filmfare for Breakfast, Cosmopolitan for Lunch and Vogue for Dinner. She Blindly followed the trend and felt that not having the latest accessory or dress meant end of the world for her. Yes she was a high maintainence girl and she was beautiful.... Continue Reading →

A Dark Love Story

''Apply some Haldi, Besan and Milk Cream on your face, Leaving Aloe Vera overnight on your face will give you a glowing skin, Drink some syrup for your skin, Don't take up sports, you will get tan and ultimately nobody will marry you, if you are dark your husband will have an affair with some... Continue Reading →

Please Help Me – I Do Not Want To Go To College

"Amma, I told you I do not want to go to college". But why, what happened Siddharth, you always wanted to do engineering and your years of hardwork has borne you results. Just last month Siddharth's results were out, he had secured 93% in his H.S.C. exams and had got 182 out of 200 in... Continue Reading →

My Family – My Dad

Hello Everyone, this is Suraj a big boy of 21 months writing through my amma's blog. In my last blog I introduced you all to my Amma. Today I will introduce you all to my Dad. Everyone says that I look like my dad. I don't know but then I never met him when he... Continue Reading →

My Family – My Amma

This is a small piece on how my tiny tot would describe all his family members.So the first article of the series is My Amma. I had writtern this when Suraj was 21 months old. So this is something that I had found and now sharing once again with my readers. Hello Everyone I am... Continue Reading →

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