Dealing With Skin Allergies

Of late, whenever I took little S out to the garden, he would often return with rashes, particularly on his feet. Initially, I ignored it as mosquito bites and thought that it would go away after a couple of days. However, the mosquito bites started changing their colour. Though there was no pus but still... Continue Reading →

Sharing chores with your toddler is the best way to teach them.

Children and chores, may sound totally opposite. No matter how expensive toys we bring for our children, their favorite toy would be that one discarded plate or a discarded plastic bottle from the kitchen. Irrespective of their gender, children are always inquisitive of what their parents are upto, till the time you ask them to... Continue Reading →

Ageing gracefully……

The moment you put on a Television channel, the at least 2 of the 5 ads would be related to cosmetic products for both men and women, to look young and beautiful. As a child, I was always fascinated by watching the ads on the television because they were colorful, displayed new products and created... Continue Reading →

Networking Moms

Maternity Break for some women, may range from anywhere between 6 months to 10 years. There are multiple reasons on why these maternity breaks last longer or shorter. While, some women may be interested in getting back to their work space as soon as possible, they may be unable to do so, due to lack... Continue Reading →

Not from an Elite School

Difference between a National Law School and an Ordinary Law School

Showing off your Baby Bump

Until a few years ago, women preferred to hide their pregnancy and Baby Bump for multiple reasons. Sometimes, for the fear of loosing work, sometimes, for the fear of not looking perfect in front of the society, which had always set unrealistic standards of beauty, most of the times, because we were told that showing... Continue Reading →

A day when I pampered myself

Its really been ages since I had actually been to a Salon, apart from the occasional threading of eye brows only when there was an occasion. For a women in her early thirties, this is not a good practice I know. Finally on the insistence of my cousin, I went ahead and decided to spend... Continue Reading →

Not having children post marriage is a choice

Off Late,I have come across a lot of couples, who have mutually decided on not having children. I have a few friends  who are  in their 30's, single and are fully convinced that even if they find someone, and they get married in near future, they would not have children. I know a few couples,... Continue Reading →

When I took my son to work

Recently, the internet is flooded with images of the Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern and her adorable little munchkin baby Neve at UN general assembly at the age of 3 months. Subsequent to this, the internet went crazy about how women are now considering taking their children to work. Off late I  have seen this... Continue Reading →

My journey as a Parenting Blogger

Writing was always my passion. It was my only way of expressing my feelings and emotions, which made me feel light. my favorite subject was politics and law. Post becoming a mother I lost touch with law, just because I got busy with my baby. Suffering from bad post partum depression, I was lost in... Continue Reading →

Attending a Social Do with kids- points to remember

Attending any function post children is a big nightmare for any parent. No matter, how excited you are for your family function or your best friend's wedding, handling a child at a social function always makes you nervous. Yes, just because you have kids does not mean that you are restrained from attending any family function.... Continue Reading →

Keeping your baby’s Skin Soft

Mumbai has humid climate. Combine it with dust and pollution; it is the worst thing that could happen with your skin and health. The dust in the air is so bad that sometimes, when you wear a nice white shirt and go outside, you may come back with a different shade of white. Children are... Continue Reading →

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