MEANING OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Intellectual property rights are an exclusive right given to the creator over the use of his/her creation. Intellectual property rights are associated with intangible assets owned by a person or company and protected against use without consent. Intellectual property can consist of Patents, Industrial design, Logos, Trademarks, Business or trade names,... Continue Reading →

Job Opening for Lawyers and Law Students

A Humble request to all the readers. Please do check for further details with the email id's or contact details, mentioned in the post. July 10, 2022 Required - Advocate , Location - Noida sector - 70Education: LLB from reputed university experience - working knowledgeatleast 3-4 years in any law firm / Law office/ chamber.... Continue Reading →

Inspirational Women

Indian Women have always Inspired the World. Come let us meet 1000 such Indian Women, who not only broke the stereotype and shattered the glass ceiling but also paved a way for millions of other women. In the year 2021, I decided to write about 1000 such Indian women who took their maiden journey in... Continue Reading →

Wages against Housework

“They say its love; let’s say it’s an unwanted job.They call it frigidity; we call it absenteeism.”             Starting with such denting lines Silvia Federici’s ‘The wages against Housework Manifesto’ circumnavigates around the everyday oppression that is faced by the housewives particularly in the lower middle class and poor section, they are subjected to such... Continue Reading →

Why mental health is this much important??..

Considering we live in our own minds, engage in society with our minds, and our psychologic state determines our physical pain tolerance and also how spiritually connected we are, I'd say it's pretty damn imperative to sustain a healthy mind state and overall mental health for an optimal life. To a degree, it determines our... Continue Reading →


Psychology is the scientific study of behaviour, experience and mental processes. Behaviour includes all of our outward or overt actions and reactions, such as talking, facial expressions and movement. Mental processes refer to all the internal, covert actions of our minds, such as thinking, feeling and remembering. To study behaviour and mental processes in both... Continue Reading →

Meaning of spirituality

Spiritual people look very similar to the common people and hence difficult to be identified. They are usually not dressed in white, blue or ochre dress. They don’t necessarily keep beard or shave their heads. They don’t live in forest, caves or in Himalayas. They live around you but you fail to identify them. You... Continue Reading →

Importance of Uniform

Personally, I love school uniforms. There are two ways of looking at why there should be school uniforms. Equality. School uniforms means that everyone has to look the same, and that there can be no disparity between the clothing choices of students, preventing more bullying. This is actually why my school doesn’t even have full... Continue Reading →


On 22nd December 1901, Rabindranath Tagore established his school at Santiniketan with five students (including his eldest son) and an equal number of teachers. He originally named it Brahmacharya Ashram in the tradition of ancient forest hermitages. Not too many know that Shantiniketan, which means the abode of peace – long before it became the... Continue Reading →


Parenting is a skill  which we are not particulary teached anywhere and not understanding how to do parenting is a greater problem than being a parent. Parenting is simply growing your kid so that they not only have good values but also to make them capable of worldly doings and achievements. Parenting comes when you... Continue Reading →

Political status of Bihar

After the partition of India and Pakistan the situation in Bihar is worse than that time. The major political parties, Bhartiya Janta Party and JD u is ruling Bihar not for the betterment but the situation they are making communal and based on cast. The recent Hindu and Muslim unrest and communal fighting was preplanned... Continue Reading →


Astrology is a pseudoscience that causes divine data about human issues and earthbound occasions by examining the developments and relative places of heavenly items. astrologer has been dated to at any rate the second thousand years BCE, and has its underlying foundations in calendrical frameworks used to foresee occasional movements and to decipher heavenly cycles... Continue Reading →


Despite its common usage and perception, what corruption means is surely enigmatic. Corruption is more like a multi-focal, multivariate and mutli-dimensional eternity of socio-political system. Dictionary meaning of corruption implies deviation from the expected or ideal form; it is all about dishonest, illegal or immoral act or behaviour especially of someone having power. Concise Oxford... Continue Reading →

How I managed a social media break

As a blogger, Social Media is our life line. It is our basic essential tool, which helps us to reach our audience. Though majority of us by now are addicted to Social Media, but when it is a mandatory part of your work, the stress goes on to a different level. As a blogger, I... Continue Reading →

When she arrived….

9 months of a bumpy ride finally came to an end on April 27,2019. My second pregnancy was no less than a surprise as with bad pcod my previous gynaecologist had almost suggested IVF. But sometimes, destiny overtakes science and blesses you with miracles. Last September, when I came to my maiden house for Ganesh... Continue Reading →

Sharing chores with your toddler is the best way to teach them.

Children and chores, may sound totally opposite. No matter how expensive toys we bring for our children, their favorite toy would be that one discarded plate or a discarded plastic bottle from the kitchen. Irrespective of their gender, children are always inquisitive of what their parents are upto, till the time you ask them to... Continue Reading →

Networking Moms

Maternity Break for some women, may range from anywhere between 6 months to 10 years. There are multiple reasons on why these maternity breaks last longer or shorter. While, some women may be interested in getting back to their work space as soon as possible, they may be unable to do so, due to lack... Continue Reading →

Not from an Elite School

Difference between a National Law School and an Ordinary Law School

Attending a Social Do with kids- points to remember

Attending any function post children is a big nightmare for any parent. No matter, how excited you are for your family function or your best friend's wedding, handling a child at a social function always makes you nervous. Yes, just because you have kids does not mean that you are restrained from attending any family function.... Continue Reading →

Keeping your baby’s Skin Soft

Mumbai has humid climate. Combine it with dust and pollution; it is the worst thing that could happen with your skin and health. The dust in the air is so bad that sometimes, when you wear a nice white shirt and go outside, you may come back with a different shade of white. Children are... Continue Reading →

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