Covid-19 and Law

Coronavirus disease is an infectious diseases by a newly discovered coronavirus. Most people infected with the Covid -19 virus will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and recover without regard requiring illness and recover without requiring special treatment. Older people ,and those with underlying medical problems like cardiovascular disease, diabets ,chronic respiratory disease ,and cancer... Continue Reading →

Online Education: Covid-19 perspective

Introduction Education’s purpose is to replace empty mind with an open one. At the beginning of this year almost every country got hit by the ongoing pandemic of Covid-19. It created havoc as its fatality rate is between 2-3 percent. It has been declared as the pandemic by the world health organisation and lockdowns were... Continue Reading →

Dimensions of online classes.

Introduction We all know that, now the whole world is suffering from a pandemic called 'Covid 19'. It have put an end to the life of many people. We had changed a lot from our previous living conditions. It has originated in 2019 but, still we are under the clutches of this octopus virus. But,... Continue Reading →

Examining the Positive impact of covid

INTRODUCTION :-. As we know that all countries suffers from the deadly virus since 2020 . We all suffered from very crucial time because of there is large numbers of deaths due to this pandemic and also this pandemic create a serious or threats among the people . Also this pandemic increases the unemployment ,... Continue Reading →


Gender justice is a human right where all women and girls are entitled to live their lives in dignity and freedom without any fear. Gender justice can only be achieved by sharing Powers and responsibility between men and women with out any dissemination. Women’s are considered as vulnerable , this is because the women around... Continue Reading →

Positive Impact of Virtual Internship :-.

INTRODUCTION :-. As we all as a law student we know very well what is the importance of internship ! During the law courses there is need and expect to every law students to do an internship . Because of without internship your law will not be completed and also How to use the the... Continue Reading →

Bankruptcy policy- An instrument for the economic recovery from the covid crises

Governments and emergency services were focusing on immediate needs as the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic continues: increasing hospital capacity, managing hunger, and protecting businesses and families from eviction and bankruptcy. The vast majority of funds received thus far from the World Bank, the IMF, other regional development banks, or central banks have been used to provide funds for... Continue Reading →


The outbreak of covid-19 not only affected the health of people but also their whole life. Recovering from corona virus does not mean recovering from its impact; this is the situation where the need of justice arises. From the first day of covid- 19 broke out people are struggling, especially the migrant workers and refugees.... Continue Reading →

Occupational health hazard of migrant workers post COVID-19

A Legal Analysis “They were willing to work all the time, and when people did their best, ought they not be able to keep alive?”  -Upton Sinclair  Two men were found dead in 2016, in a water tank at the Anna University Campus in Chennai, hired to seal off an air leakage issue. The deaths... Continue Reading →


INTRODUCTION Children play a very vital role in our society. They are the future of our country. There are some rights to be provided to each and every children at global level. These rights are like education system, safety of children, marriages, health system etc. Today because of COVID-19 Pandemic, Most of the children have... Continue Reading →

Humanitarian Crisis in India during the age of Covid-19 Pandemic: A study from the initial days of Pandemic and the Lockdown

INTRODUCTION Every new fiscal year, the global attention is grabbed by one hot topic or the other. Sometimes it begins with a worldwide economic crash, sometimes it sticks to one necessary or unnecessary chain of adamant courses throughout, and sometimes it just repeats itself. In 2020, we dazzled ourselves with a grand opening of reoccurring... Continue Reading →

Challenges and Opportunities for a Law Graduate during the Pandemic

ABSTRACT Covid- 19 Pandemic has resulted in over 4.3 million confirmed cases and over over 6,19,409 deaths globally. In the legal arena of our country, things are set to take a paradigm shift. The corporate players would prefer to avoid going into litigation at all courts, that does not mean that litigation would come to... Continue Reading →

Trade laws and global pandemic

Balancing rights  International trade and global public health are intricately linked with each other. Studies have shown that free and fair trade if coupled with sound public health policies can better achieve global public health goals. The wake of the COVID-19 pandemic demands this sound collaboration where the world stands affront challenging circumstances, as such,... Continue Reading →

COVID-19 crisis and its impact on courts

COVID-19 has already impacted every sector and, the COVID-19 crisis had additionally truly affected the typical working of justice administration in India, as in different nations, and tossed a spanner in the method of ordinary working of courts. Not just in the Apex Court and high courts in every one of the conditions of the... Continue Reading →

Male Standards for Women in The Construction Sector

The infrastructure sector is on the path of recovery from the shock caused due to pandemic. This sector provided job opportunities to millions of women as construction workers in the pre-crisis period. However, due to covid, these women lost their jobs and still remain unemployed. Today, the representation of women in the construction works have... Continue Reading →

What is Shelter Home?

Understanding Homelessness: - A shelter home is usually where people stay temporarily based on an urgent need or emergency. A private person or government-aided hostels can organize these shelter homes. Most people who don’t have shelter or are homeless or vulnerable are in an emergency situation; they can approach shelter homes. Basically, it’s the responsibility... Continue Reading →

Dowry under Dowry Prevention Act, 1961

The dowry is an ancient tradition found across cultures, religions, and time periods. It is not certain where dowries originated, but the custom takes place in wedding ceremonies even today. History And meaning of  Dowry A dowry is a gift of considerable monetary value given from either the bride or groom to their future spouse... Continue Reading →


Introduction In the year 2020, World Health Organization (WHO) declared a global pandemic due to the rise of the viral infection caused by SARS-COVID19 which was first detected in the end of the year 2019. Due to this pandemic pharmaceutical companies began developing new formulas and technologies to create medicines and vaccines for the cure... Continue Reading →


“The rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened.” – John Fitzgerald Kennedy It is needless to assert how the world as we perceived earlier has undergone drastic change since the inception of this challenging pandemic.Although it is tough to defeat the adversities, it is not an unsurmountable obstacle... Continue Reading →

Impact Of Pandemic On Trade & Tourism

The corona virus outbreak which started with its spread in certain regions of China, gradually reached out to Europe, the Americas, Asian sub continent and to other parts across the globe by March’20 and the WHO termed it as a “pandemic”. It was by the mid of April that almost the whole world was at... Continue Reading →

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