Balancing Life between Personal and Professional Life – 2

So this is the place where we need more mental development in our lives. This development accompanies insight, intelligence and keenness through great childhood. We should consequently figure out how to find some kind of harmony between our calling and family. Coronavirus - 19 naturally gave us an occasion to see the two sides from... Continue Reading →

Put a Stop To Crowdsourcing Your Confidence.

Let's start being realistic, does your Confidence get boosted by the number of likes you get on Instagram, Facebook or by etc. social platforms? Being bitter, yes for most of us it does! Most of us trade social currency for boosting our confidence. A deal like you like my picture I will like your dog's... Continue Reading →

How to get hired – What your CV talks

A CV or a Resume is the first document that introduces you to the Company. A covering letter along with your CV, can make a good first impression or a bad impression on your recruiter. A majority of the employee make these common mistakes in their over excitement, which makes them non- eligible for the... Continue Reading →

Why Internship is a key to a good professional career.

The new National Education Policy in India has proposed Internship for students. This decision was received with a mixed reaction, while some people welcomed this decision open heartedly, some criticised it calling it a a new way to legalise child labour. One of the reasons of ever increasing unemployment in India, is because a lot... Continue Reading →

Speak for yourself #BreakTheSilence

Ladki ho thodasa seh lena aise choti choti cheezon k liye zid nahi karte, ladkiyon ko sab kuch nahi milta, apne bachon ko kya sikhaoge... No matter how many times we have heard these sentences, new taunts and comments keep popping up in our lives every single day. We do not know how many General... Continue Reading →

An Opportunity to be the Changemaker

Have you ever felt that during your school days that if a particular topic was taught in a certain way then the subject would have become more interesting. How many times have we silently wished that our teachers were more updated on a particular concept. Information is spread across the vast sea but how do... Continue Reading →

From Nowhere to Everwhere

Initial days of a startup There is this message that is circulated over social media. People will buy products sold by celebrities but will question the products sold by a startup made by their relatives or friends. As much I could relate to the same, practically I realised the same is not true. When I... Continue Reading →

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