Role of Parle – G in my life

Yes, ideally a person would write a long post about any product only if it is an integral part of our lives, or we have been asked to promote the same. But today, I am going to write about my favourite food since childhood. This buiscuit and I share N Number of memories together. A... Continue Reading →

Helplessness during Covid

I belong to that section of society, whose problems are sometimes not understood. When we express our complaints, we are often told that “you should consider yourself lucky that you have everything, touchwood, you do not know, what financial problem means”. I still do not understand how this society works. Why is a woman’s mental... Continue Reading →

A song that always inspires me

Music is my working partner. Whenever I am working I need a constant companion and that is Music. A good music can bring out the best in me and the Worst music can make me distracted for hours. Yes, just like others, I also do have my own set of playlist, which I do listen... Continue Reading →

What is Love – Valentine’s Day Special

This is written by someone who is married to a wonderful person for the last 8 years with two lovely kids. I do not fit into the normal definition of the society and therefore my definition of Love and Valentine is something different. You may or may not relate to the same but I would... Continue Reading →

Freedom of Expression Vs. Comedy

There is often a statement made by people in the media, that our Country lacks Freedom of Expression. Stand up Comedy is a trend that picked up pace in the last few years. Open Mics, Live Performances and YouTube, were at its peak in the last few years. Comedy, was always a part of our... Continue Reading →

Flashback 2020

The year 2020 was a mess for everyone, including me. There were some major and minor changes even in my life but I am happy that today on the last day of 2020, I am extremly happy. The first month of January 2020, began with getting settled down in our new house and with my... Continue Reading →

My Favourite Holiday Destination

Many of us would select places like Switzerland, Mauritius, Thailand, Bangkok, Singapore, Paris for a for foreign holiday Vacation. IF we had to go for Holiday within our Country, we would have selected, Goa, Ercaud, Manali, Dalhousie, Kodaikanal, and Munnar, etc. for summer holidays. Since, my school days, My first choice of holiday destination was... Continue Reading →

Why I call myself Privileged Wife

A couple of days ago, I had shared this article in one of the Mom's Group on Facebook. Here under is the link to the said article. Get a Life Eros Now The basic crux of the article was, Eros Now, a leading production house in India, had created some distasteful memes by objectifying women... Continue Reading →

Emotional Abuse – When I was an Abuser

Human Beings tend to have emotions. No matter, how much we pretend to be robotic, we all are emotional at the end of the day. One of the basic requirements of human emotions is to express ourselves. Just the way we take care of our bodies. It is important that we also take care about... Continue Reading →

Things that you need accept about yourself

The number of youngsters, who are suffering from health complications these days is increasing day by day. We have started talking about Mental Health, yet we are indirectly doing and talking about things that only increase our mental stress. Why ? Because directly or indirectly we are all a part of the rat race, to... Continue Reading →

When I revisited the Twilight Saga once again

Twilight was the second fiction series that I had read after Harry Potter. My friend was crazy about Vampires and forced me to read this series. Till then the only Vampires, I knew were from Scooby Doo Series. Till all happened at the age of 25. I read the first book and fell in love... Continue Reading →

Thank You Sridevi For Entertaining Me Through My Childhood

For every 90’s kid, Sridevi and Madhuri Dixit were like on-screen goddesses. We grew up imitating their fashion, dialogues and most importantly their dance steps. Today being her birth anniversary, I would like to share a few thoughts about her. She was one of my favourite actresses, because her screen prescence always entertained me. I... Continue Reading →

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