Right of Private Defence with Case Analysis

IPC Section 96 to 106 of the Penal Code states the law relating to the right of Private defence of person and property. The provision contained in these actions give authority to a man to use necessary force against an assailant or wrong-doer for the purpose of protecting one’s own body and property as also... Continue Reading →

NHRC : Meaning, Composition, Tenure, Vacant and Functions

INTRODUCTION:-India's National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) is a statutory public agency established on October 12, 1993, under the Protection of Human Rights Ordinance of September 28, 1993. The Protection of Human Rights Act (PHRA) of 1993 gave it legal status . The National Human Rights Commission of India is responsible for the protection and promotion... Continue Reading →

Synopsis of IPC, CPC, CrPC

INDIAN PENAL CODE, 1860:-India's official criminal code is the Indian Penal Code (IPC). It is a comprehensive code that aims to cover all aspect of criminal law. The code was developed based on the suggestions of India's first law commission, which was constituted in 1834 under the Charter Act of 1833 and led by Lord... Continue Reading →

Role of PIL in Environment Protection

Public Interest Litigation (PIL) means litigation filed in a court of law for the protection of “Public Interest”, such as• ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION,• TERRORISM,• ROAD SAFETY,• MAINTENANCE OF HERITAGE AND CULTURE,• FOOD ADULTERATION,• ATROCITIES ON WOMEN• DISTURBANCE OF ECOLOGICAL BALANCE,• CONSTRUCTIONAL HAZARDS etc.So, any matter where the interest of public at large is affected can be... Continue Reading →

Female Genital Mutilation – A Serious Concern

Female genital mutilation (FGM) is defined by WHO (World Health Organization). FGM is a traditional practices that entail injury or removal of part or all of the external genitalia of girls and women worldwide. There are 200 million women worldwide who have undergone it. The practise is found in various African, Asian, and Middle Eastern... Continue Reading →

Human Rights Council : Meaning, Composition, and Functions

The Human Rights Council is an intergovernmental body within the United Nation system tasked with promoting and protection of Human Rights around the world, as well as investigating and making recommendations on cases of human rights breaches. Throughout the year, it has the ability to examine any thematic human rights concerns and situation that deserves... Continue Reading →

Article 12 of Indian Constitution : The State

Definition of word ‘State' as used in the context of Fundamental Rights – Article 12 of the Constitution defines the term ‘State'. It lays down. “In this part unless the context otherwise requires, the state includes the government and the parliament of India and the government and the legislature of each of the state and... Continue Reading →

Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Gender equality is a human right first and foremost. A woman has the right to live in dignity, free from hunger and fear. Women's empowerment is also a critical strategy for achieving development and alleviating poverty. Women who are empowered increase the health and productivity of their families and communities, as well as the chances... Continue Reading →

Does Emigration Alleviate Unemployment?

The act of leaving a resident country or place of residence with the intention of settling elsewhere is known as emigration (to permanently leave a country). On the other hand, immigration refers to the movement of individuals from one country to another (to permanently move to a country). As a result, one may emigrate from... Continue Reading →

EXECUTIVE : Meaning, Types and Functions

The most important and Second crucial organ of the government is the executive. It is that organ of the government which implements the laws passed by the legislature and the policies of the government. In a broad and collective sense, the executive organ embraces the aggregate or totality of all the functionaries and agencies which... Continue Reading →

IRDA : Meaning, Establishment, Structure, Functions and Objectives, types of Insurance

Many of you hear and aware about the term “IRDA”. It is an abbreviation of the Insurance Regulatory And Development Authority. The authority regulates the insurance business in India and supervises the operation of the country’s life and general insurance companies. The IRDA’s major goal is to defend policyholder interest while also regulating the insurance... Continue Reading →

evidentiary value of incorporation certificate

A certificate of incorporation is a legal document that verifies that your limited business has been founded and registered with Companies House. The Companies Act of 2006 mandates this. It's essentially your business's birth certificate. It includes your company's name, registered number, and date of incorporation. One of the most critical documents to bring with... Continue Reading →

History and Analysis of Right to Information Act

Information means any material in any form including records, documents, memos, email, opinions, advice, press release, circulars, orders, logbook, contracts, reports, papers, samples, models, data material held in any electronic form and information relating to any private body which can be accessed by a public authority under any other law for time being in force.... Continue Reading →

International Law : Termed as True law or not?

Law is the element of the society which helps to develop a Framework within which rights and duties can be established. The world today requires a method were interstate relations can be conducted and international law fills this gap. The United Nations developed this body of International law for the purpose of promoting International peace... Continue Reading →

The President of India

INTRODUCTION:-The President of India is the head of state of the Republic of India. The president is the formal head of the executive, legislature and judiciary of India and also the commander-in-chief 1of the Indian Armed Forces. He is the first citizen of India and also a symbol of solidarity, unity and integrity of the... Continue Reading →


The judiciary is the third organ of the government. It has the responsibility to apply the laws to the specific cases and settle all disputes. The real meaning of the law is what the judges decide during the course of giving their judgment in various cases. Judiciary is most important organ of the government because... Continue Reading →

Relationship Between The Municipal Law And International Law

INTRODUCTION:-To understand the relationship between international law and municipal law it is important to know the link between the two laws. International law is a set of rules and actions related to national behavior. In other words, International law is a set of rules that apply when state interacts with each other. While Municipal law... Continue Reading →

Legislature : Introduction, Types, and Functions

INTRODUCTION:-Legislature makes laws, Judiciary interprets them and the executive enforces them. The legislature is that organ of the government which passes the laws of the government. It is the agency which has the responsibility to formulate the will of the state and vest it with legal authority and force. In simple words, the legislature is... Continue Reading →


Feminism is defined as a social and political movement that promotes women’s rights based on gender equality. Feminism does not deny biological differences between men and women, but it does demand equality in social, political and economic areas. The majority of academics believe feminist efforts are to blame for important historical advancements in women’s empowerment.... Continue Reading →

Memorandum of Association in Indian Companies Act, 2013

INTRODUCTION:-Memorandum of Association is the charter or the constitution of the company. The memorandum of association of company is in fact its charter. It defines the objects and powers of the company. It is the fundamental document of the company. It defines the scope and powers of the company with which it has been established... Continue Reading →

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