Stamp Duty on Property Registration

Introduction More than buying a property, registering it can be taxing. If you are planning on buying a property, remember that the amount quoted to you by the seller is not the final price you have to pay. Easily, few lakhs get added to the price quoted to you when you’ll register it on your... Continue Reading →

Award under Land Acquisition Act

1. Introduction The word award has not defined in Land Acquisition Act 1984. The land acquisition officer is in no sense a judicial officer. The proceeding before him can't be called legal progressing. he's engaged to form recompense under the land acquisition act. The jurisdiction of the gatherer is restricted. He practices the chief and administrative power. The grant cannot be authorized as decree of... Continue Reading →


INTRODUCTION An old saying, “Blood is thicker than water” is an accepted notion in our society, where immense importance is given to family members before any other relatives or friends. Once the family becomes embroiled in legal issues regarding the division of their possessions, this idea becomes tarnished. Things that may be resolved easily with... Continue Reading →

Mortgage of Property

Introduction A Mortgage could be aquite security given by borrower who is that the debtor (mortgagor) for repayment of loan to the lender who is that the creditor (mortgagee). the article of a mortgage is to secure the debt or other obligation. it's a transfer of limited interest in property. A Mortgage is transfer of an interest in immovable property. Section 58 of transfer of... Continue Reading →

Fraudulent Transfer of Property

Introduction (Doctrine of Fraudulent Transfer) Lord Keeper in the case of Partridge v Gopp had enunciated certain words which are relevant herein. He opined that no one has power over his property to such extent using which he, whilst using his right of alienation of property, can delay, defraud or hinder his creditors. The only the... Continue Reading →

Increase in Rent yearly

In India, the governing law for the control of rent, protection of rights of landlords and therefore the rights of tenants are governed by the Rent Control Act. Introduction to the Rent Control Act A central Rent Control Act was elapsed the legislature in 1948. It regulates the principles of letting out a property and ensures that neither the landlords nor... Continue Reading →

What is Hindu Undivided Family

Introduction The Hindu Undivided Family or HUF could be a business form recognized only in India. Partition of a HUF leads to dividing or splitting up the HUF in order that the property is divided into shares of the individual coparceners (i.e. members within the family entitled to a share) rather than being held jointly by the complete family. HUF has been and still to an outsized extent continues to be... Continue Reading →


In India, the Transfer of Property Act, 1882, Section 52, recognizes the action at law doctrine. It reflects litigation is currently ongoing when the phrase action at lawis employed. The maxim ‘ut lite pendent nihil innovateur’, which says nothing new should be added during the pendency of litigation, expresses the doctrine of legal action. Let’s understand the concept with... Continue Reading →

Rights of the Husband in Wife’s Property

Hindu Succession Act applicability The HSA comes into question when a Hindu dies intestate (without leaving a will). Thereafter, succession depends upon the principles as carried within the HSA. What is inheritance? The term inheritance is exclusively utilized in the context of succession. Upon the death of a personal, his/her property, title, debts and obligations may devolve upon the heir. Although different... Continue Reading →

Laws related to the co-ownership of a joint property ?

What is Co-ownership of property ? Co-ownership or joint ownership means when two or more persons hold title to the identical property. Co-owners of a property mean all the owners of that exact property. Any co-owner can transfer his/her personal share in such property to a co-owner or perhaps a stranger which ends therein transferee getting into the shoes of the co-owner. A co-owner generally has the... Continue Reading →

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