Employee Turnover

Employee turnover is a serious problem with regarding to industry. Employee turnover is defined as the rate of change in working staff of a organisation during a definite period. Employee turnover means changing of employees for migrating or employees from one organisation or industry to another. The main reason of employees shifting from one form... Continue Reading →


The term bail is derived from a French word bailler which means" to give". According to legal dictionary, bail is the money or bond put up to secure the release of a person who has been charged with a crime. Where as according to Oxford dictionary bail means, "temporary release of an accused persons awaiting... Continue Reading →


The function of the state is to maintain law and order of the society . Administration of justice play an important role in maintaining the peace and social security of the state. According to Salmond , administration of justice means "The maintenance of right with a political community by means of the physical force of... Continue Reading →

All about Arrest under Criminal Procedure Code.

Introduction: The main objective of the code to administration of Criminal Justice by establishing a peaceful life's by preventing offence , nuisance and tranquility. Arrest is a very important process in the criminal Procedure Code. Arrest is a measure to deprive a personal liberty by a legal authority. Which means taking a person in legal... Continue Reading →

Case Study : Saurashtra Salt Manufacturing Co. v/s Bai Valu Raja , AIR 1958 SC 881

FACT OF THE CASE: In this case appellant was the employer of salt manufacturing company. He employed both permanent as well as temporary employees. Salt manufacturing situated near a creek opposite to Porbandar town. There was two ways to go to manufacturing company . On over land it takes six to seven miles takes to... Continue Reading →

Introduction – Human Resources

Human resources concept is a recent origin , it begins around the end of 19th century in Europe. Earlier this this concept was known as manpower planning and it was used in ancient era and gradually the concept get developed as according to the social development form personal management to human resource management . Organization... Continue Reading →


Introduction Human resources concept is a recent origin , it begins around the end of 19th century in Europe. Earlier this this concept was known as manpower planning and it was used in ancient era and gradually the concept get developed as according to the social development form personal management to human resource management .... Continue Reading →


"Do not fear mistake. You will know failure. Continue to reach out " - Benjamin Franklin I was the one who always kept things to do later and i always feared try new things. I always have many confusion in mind whether i could do or not , due to this attitude of mine i... Continue Reading →

Res Judicata

Introduction The doctrine of res judicata is very ancient and was accepted by Hindu and Muslim jurist. The term 'Res' means, a thing and Judicata means, already decided. Therefore Res Judicata means a thing already decided by a court . The doctrine of res judicata is based on the concept of public policy it promote... Continue Reading →


Gift means transfer of a thing from one person to another out of love and affection without any consideration. Section 122 to section 129 of Transfer of Property Act deals with gift. Gift can be anything thing movable or immovable. To constitute gift there must be a transaction from one person to another. The person... Continue Reading →

Understanding the provisions of The Employees Compensation Act, 1923

The Employees Compensation Act deals with provisions relating to payment of compensation to employees. Earlier there when a employee injured or died due to accident during the course of employment the aggrieved party could approach the Civil Court for relief. The relief can only claim if the employee could prove the guilty of the employer.... Continue Reading →


Gender justice is a human right where all women and girls are entitled to live their lives in dignity and freedom without any fear. Gender justice can only be achieved by sharing Powers and responsibility between men and women with out any dissemination. Women’s are considered as vulnerable , this is because the women around... Continue Reading →


For a long time there was nothing to protect the workmen against the contingency arising out an employment. The main aim of the act was to provide relief for the workman , if any injury caused to him during his employment. This relief also extend to the dependents of workman. Protection against contingency means sickness,... Continue Reading →


Market is a place where a buyer and seller meet and buyer purchase their products from the seller. Marketing is a process in which the seller promotes his products and increasing the distribution according to the need of customer and provide goods and services to satisfy the customer need. So management of marketing activities is... Continue Reading →


Maintenance imposes obligation to provide certain basic needs, such as food, clothes, shelter, medical aid etc... without which a person can not survive. Maintenance has been defined under section 3(b) of Hindu Adoption and maintenance Act. Under the act all the basic requirement that a person needs to survive is defined along with the reasonable... Continue Reading →


Hindu is derived from the Greek word 'Indoi' means inhabitants of the Indus Valley . The institution of Hindu joint Family concept has took place where long time ago. It was developed as a custom practice by people from generation to generation. Ancient times patriarchal system was prevailing and where men's are placed in a... Continue Reading →


Law is a set of rules and regulations which regulates human behavior and through which the state ensure peace and social security. According to Salmond “the law may be defined as a body of principles recognized and applied by the state in the administration of justice “. Source means the origin . The source of... Continue Reading →


Jurisdiction of civil court are covered under section 9 to 14 ,The Code of Civil Procedure,1908. Jurisdiction means the power and extend of authority of court to decide matter before it. Jurisdiction of a court is determined by law or by clear intendment arising out of law. Simple , the jurisdiction is conferred by statute.... Continue Reading →


Charges is defined under section 100 of transfer of property act 1882.In order to create a charge there must be an immovable property. The immovable property of one person is made as a security for the payment of money to another person, that particular immovable property remains as a security for the payment of money.... Continue Reading →

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