Minimum wage in India

Foreign companies in India can find it difficult to understand and calculate the minimum wage as it differs in each state and is classified according to multiple criteria such as region, industry, skill level and type of work.Until last year, the minimum wage was governed by the Minimum Wage Act, 1948 which changed after Parliament... Continue Reading →

Universal Basic Income

The pandemic has caused unprecedented crises and disruption around the world. It has caused the greatest pain to those already most at risk, creating hardship and unease among low-income families and micro-businesses. Existing inequalities have been exposed and new ones created.The crisis has once again brought the idea of Universal Basic Income (RBI) to the... Continue Reading →

what happens when you criticise bar council of india

The Bar Council Of India (BCI) has passed a resolution against criticism and reckless comments against the Judiciary. It has amended its Rules, to make any statement made by a lawyer which is indecent or derogatory, defamatory, motivated, malicious or mischievous against any court, judge, State Bar Council or the BCI, a ground for suspension... Continue Reading →

George Floyd – Justice delivered

Former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin was sentenced to 22.5 years in prison for the murder of George Floyd, whose dying sigh below Chauvin's knee sparked the biggest anti-racial outcry in America in generations.The sentence, which did not reach the 30 years requested by prosecutors, came after Chauvin broke more than a year of silence... Continue Reading →

Preventive detention in India

In the contemporary liberal-democratic era, where the right to personal liberty is near-universally recognised as of utmost importance and courts around the world readily interfere in cases concerning its infringement, preventive detention laws need to be examined with skepticism. They are a tool for detaining individuals and curtailing their right to liberty, not because of... Continue Reading →

History of Pride month

In many parts of the world, June is Gay Pride Month, which is dedicated to celebrating the LGBTQ community and their fight against discrimination and social exclusion. Many countries organize month-long activities and initiatives that culminate in a loud crescendo in the Gay Pride Parade, which usually takes place in late June.In the United States,... Continue Reading →


Juneteenth (short for “June Nineteenth”) marks the day when federal troops arrived in Galveston, Texas in 1865 to take control of the state and ensure that all enslaved people be freed. The troops’ arrival came a full two and a half years after the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation. Juneteenth honors the end to slavery... Continue Reading →

Disguised unemployment

Disguised unemployment occurs when part of the labour force is either left out of work or works redundantly so that labour productivity is practically zero. It is unemployment that does not affect total production. Unemployment is disguised in an economy where productivity is low and too many workers have too few jobs. Disguised unemployment is... Continue Reading →

White collar crimes in India

White-collar crimes are crimes committed by a person of high social status and reputation in the course of their professional activity. It is a crime committed by employees or business people and usually involves some form of theft or financial fraud. The term "economic crime" was defined in 1939 by the sociologist Edwin Sutherland. These... Continue Reading →

Planned obsolescence

Planned obsolescence means that manufacturers deliberately design products to fail prematurely or become obsolete, often to sell or upgrade another product - a practice that is banned in some countries. Some manufacturers also limit consumers' ability to repair their products by using digital locks or proprietary software, using incompatible screws or gluing components together, or... Continue Reading →

SIM boxing

There are times when you get a call from a number that looks like a local cellular operator, but it turns out that it is ultimately an international call. These calls generally bypass the legal route of the international mobile operator. The process of switching international calls to local lines is called SIM boxing. Telecommunications... Continue Reading →

OTT and Censorship

Over The Top (OTT) platforms have become a paradise for content creators these days, and especially during this pandemic, when several content creators decided to distribute their content on these OTT, and have always received an overwhelming response. OTTs are streaming services that deliver audio and visual content to their platform over the Internet. These... Continue Reading →

Vicarious liability in criminal matters

According to the concept of vicaruous liability, one is responsible for the wrong of the other. The doctrine of vicarious liability is also referred to as joint liability. Vicarious liability can be exercised under both civil and criminal law. This liability only arises if there is a legal relationship between the parties or if the... Continue Reading →

IPR in Fashion

The fashion industry is one of the most innovative and emerging industries. New products and ideas are presented every day. Innovation and new ideas are the key factors in the fashion industry and therefore no one can doubt the importance of protection and intellectual property rights when developing and marketing products in the industry. wear.... Continue Reading →

Legality of Police Encounters

“Encounter killings” - extrajudicial killings allegedly committed in self-defence by the police or the military - are increasingly common in India. Recently, Uttar Pradesh police killed Vikas Dubey, a 56-year-old gangster, with more than 60 criminal cases against him on July 10 during an encounter. The police version of the events leading up to Dubey's... Continue Reading →

Political Defection in India

Political defection, which denotes a change in the political loyalty of a legislator or group of legislators who switch to another party in the years between elections, has a significant impact on the nature of the party, party system and electoral representation in a democracy and is one of the most universal feature of democratic... Continue Reading →

NGT committee for Clean Ganga

On 17th June, the National Green Tribunal established an independent monitoring committee to restore and rejuvenate the Varuna and Assi rivers, tributaries of the Ganges, in Varanasi. The committee includes the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCC), the State Pollution Control Board, the National Clean Ganges Mission (NMCG) and the District Magistrate of Varanasi, with the... Continue Reading →

United Nations on new IT laws

The UN special rapporteurs have sent a letter to the Indian government expressing serious concerns about the new IT regulations that have been communicated to regulate social media intermediaries, streaming platforms and digital news media.They called on the Indian government to withdraw, revise or revise some key aspects of the 2021 Information Technology Regulation (guidelines... Continue Reading →

What is happening in Lakshadweep

Across the territory of Lakshadweep, thousands of people shall be observing a 12 hour hunger strike on the 7th of June to protest against the series of legislations recently being passed by the government of the territory. It is rare that we hear any news of national importance coming out of the territory of Lakshadweep,... Continue Reading →

Reformative Theory of Punishment

Crime is primarily understood as a wrong against people within communities, as opposed to the more abstract legal definition of crime as a violation against the state. Those most directly affected by the crime are allowed to play an active role in restoring peace between individuals and within communities. Recovering the emotional and material losses... Continue Reading →

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