misrepresentation in contract law

Misrepresentation in Contract Law Misrepresentation contract law is the correspondence of erroneous data that actuates a beneficiary to go into an agreement. In a general sense, an agreement is the exchange of rights, property, and thought between elements, like people and organizations. Deception contract law assists with lessening deceitful and careless conduct in agreement arrangements.... Continue Reading →

what is coercion ?

Coercion danger or utilization of correctional measures against states, gatherings, or people to constrain them to attempt or cease from indicated activities. Notwithstanding the danger of or restricted utilization of power (or both), compulsion may involve financial authorizations, mental pressing factors, and social exclusion. The idea of intimidation ought to be recognized from influence, which... Continue Reading →

assault and battery

Assault and Battery Assault and Battery related however particular violations, battery being the unlawful use of actual power to another and attack being an endeavor to submit battery or a demonstration that causes another sensibly to fear an unavoidable battery. These ideas are found in most general sets of laws and along with homicide and... Continue Reading →

formation in contract law

Formation in Contract Law For the arrangement of an agreement the interaction of proposition or offer by one gathering and the acknowledgment thereof by the other is fundamental. This by and large includes the cycle of arrangement where the gatherings apply their brains make offer and acknowledgment and make an agreement. At the point when... Continue Reading →

what is euthanasia

Euthanasia, likewise called benevolence killing, act or practice of effortlessly executing people experiencing difficult and hopeless sickness or debilitating actual problem or permitting them to kick the bucket by retaining therapy or pulling out fake life-support measures. Since there is no particular arrangement for it in most overall sets of laws, it is typically viewed... Continue Reading →

status of cryptocurrency in india

Introduction With the remarkable turn of events and phenomenal headways in the field of innovation in India, particularly with the development of COVID-19, the fintech area has been on a way of consistent ascent. With the acquiring prevalence and mindfulness among individuals of India concerning cryptographic money like Bitcoin, Ripple, Dogecoin, and so on, many... Continue Reading →

positive impact of covid 19 on environment

The Covid 19 Pandemic has changed the state of history since the finish of the Second World War. It influenced individuals as well as the climate with it. Heaps of individuals all throughout the planet are currently compelled to live in their homes. They are presently tackling their responsibilities or going to classes on the... Continue Reading →


Introduction An individual possessing a property is qualified for its undisturbed pleasure according to law. In any case, in the event that another person's ill-advised use or satisfaction in his property winds up coming about into an unlawful obstruction with his delight or utilization of that property or of a portion of the rights over... Continue Reading →


Introduction: In ordinary utilization, the word 'carelessness' signifies simple indiscretion. In a lawful sense, it implies the inability to practice a standard of care which the practitioner as a sensible man ought to have practiced in the conditions. By and large, there is a lawful obligation to take care when it was sensibly predictable that... Continue Reading →


Any deliberate bogus correspondence, either composed or spoken , that hurts an individual's standing; diminishes the regard, respect or trust in which an individual is held; or incites demonizing, threatening or unpalatable conclusions or sentiments against an individual is known as maligning. Criticism is the demonstration of offering false expressions about another which harms his/her... Continue Reading →

uniform civil code

Definition A Uniform Civil Code would accommodate one law for the whole country, material to all strict networks in their issue like marriage, separate, legacy, selection and so forth Article 44 of the Constitution sets out that the state will try to get a Uniform Civil Code for the residents all through the domain of... Continue Reading →

sedition laws in india

Introduction Every citizen has been given the freedom to speak and express their views under Article 19(1)(a) of the Indian Constitution. However, this freedom is not absolute and some reasonable restrictions have been imposed on freedom of speech and expression under Article 19(2). But when a person does an act by his words, signs, or... Continue Reading →

Laws related to OTT Platforms in India

The public authority has brought video real-time over-the-top (OTT) stages like Netflix, Amazon's Prime Video, Hotstar, and others under the ambit of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. These stages were so far under the domain of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. With a market size of almost Rs 500 crore toward the... Continue Reading →

7th Schedule of the indian constitution – article 246

The 7th Schedule of the Indian Constitution deals with the division of powers between the Union government and State governments. It is a part of 12 Schedule of Indian Constitution. The division of powers between Union and State is notified through three kinds of the list mentioned in the seventh schedule: Union List – List... Continue Reading →

farm laws 2020

In September 2020, President Ram Nath Kovind gave his consent to the three 'Farm Bills' that were prior passed by the Indian Parliament. Farmers' Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation) Act, 2020 It's anything but a public structure for contract cultivating through an understanding between a rancher and a purchaser before the creation or... Continue Reading →

Doctrine of Vicarious Liability

Introduction At the point when an individual does an unjust demonstration then he is obligated for that demonstration and no other individual. Nonetheless, in specific cases, an individual might be expected to take responsibility for the activities of others. In such cases, the law forces vicarious responsibility on one individual for the demonstrations of others.... Continue Reading →

Article 14 – constitution of india

Fundamental Duties in Indian Constitution The achievement of a majority rules system relies on the dynamic interest of its residents. Our Constitution is the aftereffect of the requests of the ordinary citizens and it gives them certain essential rights under Part III of the constitution of India. In this way, it is similarly significant for... Continue Reading →

different types of Writ in the indian constitution

There are Five Types of Writs in the Indian Constitution Types of Writs are:- 1. Habeas Corpus  2. Quo Warraranto 3. Mandamus 4. Certiorari 5. Prohibition  1. Habeas Corpus: The Latin term habeas corpus implies you should have the body and a writ for getting the freedom was called habeas corpus advertisement subjiciendum. By this... Continue Reading →


New Education Policy 2020 The National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020), which was endorsed by the Union Cabinet of India on 29 July 2020, traces the vision of India's new instruction system. The new approach replaces the past National Policy on Education, 1986. The course of action is an expansive design for simple tutoring to... Continue Reading →

Intellectual property rights

Definition of IPR In good judgment, intellectual property is a result of the brain. It is like a property like a house or a vehicle wherein the property or proprietor may utilize his property as he wishes and no one else can utilize his property without his consent according to Indian laws. Functions of IPR... Continue Reading →

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