Sources of Hindu Law

Introduction India is a place where people of all faiths live together. It is evident that religious views of the people cannot be ignored when it comes to ruling them, but the question is what should be deemed law and what should not, as well as which sources should be examined when drafting laws to... Continue Reading →

Sources of Christian Law

IntroductionIn India, there are individuals of all religious backgrounds living together in harmony. The fact that religious beliefs of the people cannot be ignored when it comes to governing them is self-evident; however, the question is what should be considered law and what should not be, and which sources should be considered when framing laws... Continue Reading →

Why I decided to Pursue Law?

Law is a fascinating subject.One of the most compelling reasons to get a degree in law is that it is an interesting and diverse field of study. Almost everything we do is governed by some sort of law, whether we are purchasing something online, driving on the highway, publishing anything on the internet, or doing... Continue Reading →

Sources of Muslim Law

IntroductionIn India, there are individuals of all religious backgrounds living together in harmony. The fact that religious beliefs of the people cannot be ignored when it comes to governing them is self-evident; however, the question is what should be considered law and what should not be, and which sources should be considered when framing laws... Continue Reading →

What is Foreign Trade Policy?

The government implemented the Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) to increase Indian exports of goods and services, hence creating jobs and improving value addition in the country. The government hopes to promote the manufacturing and service industries by implementing the policy. This page provides an overview of the policy's different features. Primary Concentration AreasThe policy largely... Continue Reading →

Who is an Arbitrator?

Introduction An alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process can help businesses resolve commercial problems without having to go through the costly process of litigation. Arbitration is a sort of alternative dispute resolution that is widely used. Procedure for ArbitrationArbitration is a more formal method of alternative dispute resolution that incorporates a tribunal process and an independent... Continue Reading →

What is Industrial Property?

Introduction Patents for inventions, industrial designs (aesthetic creations related to the appearance of industrial products), trademarks, service marks, layout-designs of integrated circuits, commercial names and designations, geographical indications, and protection against unfair competition are all examples of industrial property. Aspects of an intellectual work are sometimes less precisely defined, despite the fact that they are... Continue Reading →

Compulsory License

Introduction A compulsory licence grants the owner of a patent or copyright the right to use their rights for a fee set by law or determined by adjudication or arbitration. In essence, a compulsory licence allows an individual or company to use another's intellectual property without the rights holder's consent, and for a set fee.... Continue Reading →

Equal Opportunity for Everyone in Case of Employment

Introduction: The Constitution of India was drafted with the intention of establishing a democratic society based on social, economic, and political equality, as well as equality of position and opportunity. Positive action aims to enhance societal equality by favoring the poor. Any legislation cannot achieve its goal unless society accepts it. The right to equality... Continue Reading →

What is a Copyright?

According to the United States Copyright Office, copyright is a bundle of exclusive rights awarded to the creator of an original work authorship. These rights include the ability to copy a work, display it publicly, perform it, and create derivative works based on it.A creative work of authorship is simply any work that contains a... Continue Reading →

Why Should Copyright be Protected?

Copyright Protection While copyright does not protect data or ideas in and of themselves, it does protect the original expression of data and ideas. Only literary, dramatic, musical, and aesthetic works are protected by copyright. The rights that apply to each of these groups differ. The independent creation of similar works is not protected by... Continue Reading →

Infringing Copy

The internet has posed a threat to humans in a variety of ways. Copyright infringement is one of them. People can browse millions of websites with a single click, post anything on social media networks by altering someone else's original work; a common example of such change is the submission of research papers, in which... Continue Reading →

Adaptation under Copyright

Under Indian law, an adaptation is essentially a format shift, in which a copyrighted work is changed from one medium to another. If a work is developed by adding a substantial quantity of new content, it is not regarded an adaptation under the Indian Copyright Act. The copyright in a derivative work solely applies to... Continue Reading →

Exclusive License under Patent Act

Patent licences come in a variety of shapes and sizes.To transfer intellectual property rights from a defence laboratory to a firm, there are three types of licence agreements. An exclusive patent license means that the intellectual property rights cannot be used by anyone other than the named licensee. An exclusive license, under federal law, allows... Continue Reading →

Export Requiring Prior Approval under FEMA

IntroductionThe taking or sending out of products by land, sea, or air, on consignment or by way of sale, lease, hire-purchase, or any other agreement, is referred to as "export." When it comes to software, "export" also refers to transmission across any electronic medium. "All export contracts and invoices must be in freely convertible currency... Continue Reading →

Limitation Period for Filing Consumer Cases

Introduction On August 9th, 2019, the Consumer Protection Act of 2019 became law. However, as of July 20th, 2020, it is in effect. While the New Act retains some of the old requirements, it also adds new ones to strengthen the existing laws and create a comprehensive consumer protection statute. New sections in the Consumer... Continue Reading →

Services under Consumer Protection

Introduction The Consumer Protection Act of 2019 increases the ideas covered by the Act, such as product responsibility, e-commerce, and so on. The Act provides protection for the items purchased or services rendered. Services are defined in Section 2(o) of the Consumer Protection Act of 1986 and Section 2(42) of the present Act.Any type of... Continue Reading →

Prohibition of Registration of Certain Designs

Introduction The Design Act in India protects only those Design, which are solely appealed by eye or in other word, the Design which are aesthetic in Nature are protectable in India. Earlier the Design Law in India was governed by Design Act 1911. There has been considerable growth in the area of science and technology... Continue Reading →

Acquisition and Transfer of Immovable Property outside India

IntroductionThe establishment of a new property interest and its transfer from one person to another have little in common conceptually. The first theme is related to numerous hypotheses regarding the creation of property and concerns the initial distribution of resources. The second topic is on the more ordinary realm of legal transactions. In practise, though,... Continue Reading →

Protection Officer under Domestic Violence Act

Introduction Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005 came into force from 26 October 2006.  It is a very comprehensive and promising legislation that combines civil remedies with criminal procedures to ensure effective protection and immediate relief to victims of violence of any kind occurring within the family, The definition of ‘domestic violence' is... Continue Reading →

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