Division of Property between daughters and daughter-in-law

Ownership and the idea of property are intertwined in many ways. The two are related and mutually dependent on one another. The existence of one entail that of the other. Property cannot exist without ownership, and ownership cannot exist without property. In addition to its everyday meaning in the modern day, "property" also has broader... Continue Reading →


Introduction The Hindu Succession Act is a part of the Hindu Bill Code that was adopted by Parliament in 1956. The major goal of the legislation is to update and consolidate the law governing Hindu intestate succession. In relation to the terms of the current legislation, the Act supersedes all existing laws, regulations, customs, or... Continue Reading →


Introduction Muslim Succession Law is founded on the Quran, Sunna, Ijma, and Qiyas (findings in light of similarity on what is correct and just as per great standards). In Muslim law, there are two categories of beneficiaries: sharers, who can take a specified offer in the deceased's property, and reliquaries, who can take the remaining... Continue Reading →


Introduction The concept of doctrine of election is acknowledged in “transfer of Property Act 1882” which is mentioned in section 35. However, in “Indian Succession Act” it is mentioned in within 180-190 sections. “Election” means it is a choice between two differing or two contradictory rights. In this concept you cannot have both you can... Continue Reading →

Procedure for registration of a gift deed

A Gift Deed is a legal document that is used when one party freely transfers ownership of a movable or immovable property to another party. When it comes to cases involving the inheritance of property, having a Gift Deed can help reduce the likelihood of litigation. Charges that have been determined by the state government... Continue Reading →


The grantor, also known as the person who created the trust, is responsible for transferring assets into the trust during their lifetime. Upon the grantor's passing, the trust becomes the beneficiary of any assets that were put into the trust. Real estate and other types of property, both tangible and intangible, such as a bank... Continue Reading →


A child born out of wedlock is considered as illegitimate child as the relationship of the parents determines the legitimacy of the children. Therefore, an illegitimate child is considered to be nullis filius which basically means having no legal relationship with his or her parents. The laws for legitimate child and illegitimate child are very... Continue Reading →

Compensation under land acquisition act

Introduction "Karl Polanyi referred to labour as a fictitious good. Even more troublesome is land. Land is nothing more than abstract thought portrayed as a continuum of competing dreams. How is it possible for a varied group of dreamers to share a same value about land? In India, the term "land acquisition" refers to the... Continue Reading →

Rights of a husband in wife’s property

After a divorce in India, a wife may be entitled to certain property rights in her former husband's estate.When a couple decides to divorce, it is a very difficult and stressful moment for them. Property issues, on the other hand, make things even more complicated. What would happen if the husband and wife were to... Continue Reading →

Things to know before taking a home loan

  It's simpler to say than to do to obtain a home loan. Even while it may appear like all banks are willing to lend, the process of getting a loan approved can be time-consuming. To prevent any unpleasant shocks later, it is also crucial to understand how home loans function, just as with any... Continue Reading →

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