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From the last one and a half year, every medical professional from all over the world is working hard day and night to fight back with this pandemic which is spreading across the globe and snatching millions of human lives. Scientists are going out of the box and trying to find out a way to... Continue Reading →


An affidavit is a written statement of truth. It is usually made by an affiant or deponent under an oath or affirmation that's administered by someone who's authorized to achieve this by law. It is a form of a validated statement or showing, or in different words, it carries a verification, which means that it... Continue Reading →


Substance addiction isn't a thing that is new to India. However, with the advent of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, (NDPS Act) in 1985 India took a step closer to removing this fast-developing trouble which has been regarded to consume countries like Mexico or even the USA. With the assist of this Act... Continue Reading →

Consumer Protection in India

Consumer Protection Act is one of the fundamental laws that offer safety to consumers in India. During the year 1986, the Consumer Protection Act was introduced for the first time and was further it was amended in the year 2002 through the Consumer Protection Amendment Act, 2002. Definition According to The Gazette of India, ‘’An... Continue Reading →

An Elucidation on the RERA Act, 2016

It is vital for law-making bodies to formulate legal guidelines that optimize sectors of the commercial enterprise through frameworks and regulatory authorities. The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 was enacted for the status quo of a Real Estate Regulatory Authority and for the law and promotion. What is RERA? RERA, or the Real... Continue Reading →

Top Start-ups in India

In a country like India, there is a bunch of creative ideas in people’s mind which can be turned into a business or has the power to change the entire world. But it is true that ‘To earn money, you need money. This is one of the strongest reasons due to which many innovations can’t... Continue Reading →

Advocates Protection Bill 2021

Recently, the Bar Council of India published the Draft of the ‘Advocates Protection Bill 2021’. A committee comprises of seven members was appointed to frame the bill while keeping in mind the problems and difficulties faced by the advocates and their families in recent times. The objective of the Bill: India recently saw a rise... Continue Reading →

Digital Signature Certificate

Definition Digital Signature Certificate or popularly known as DSC are basically the softcopy (electronic format) of a physical signed copy of a certificate such as Aadhar card, Voter Id card, Driving license, and so on. These are usually in pdf format and can be stored in smartphones or PCs. This method reduces the necessity of... Continue Reading →

Suicidal laws in India

The rate at which suicidal deaths are increasing in the world is creating a topic of concern. During the year 2020, there has been approximately 230,314 recorded cases of suicide in the world between the age group of 15-39 years of age. On an average, there are around 800,000 cases of suicide every year and... Continue Reading →

New Data Protection Act, 2019

In this contemporary era, our information is saved in the servers. However, with regards to information safety, the route gets narrow. It means that the consumer is getting the records that who's accumulating this information, what information has been collected, wherein it's been saved. History witnessed many incidences wherein this information has been used for... Continue Reading →

Right To Health

Everyone's health is very essential. Regardless of age, gender, socioeconomic or ethnic background, we consider that health is our most basic and most essential asset. Health is an important indicator of human development, and human development is a basic part of the economy. History reveals that India has recognized the right to medical care and... Continue Reading →

Public Interest Litigation

Introduction  Public Interest is the kind of interest that affects the legal rights and the liabilities of the general public. It may also include pecuniary interest. Hence, Public Interest Litigation of popularly known as PIL is a form of litigation that can be filed to safe guard or product public interest. PIL has not been... Continue Reading →

Is weed or Marijuana is legal in India?

Cannabis smoking in India has been known since at the least 2000 BC and is first noted withinside the Atharvaveda, which dates lower back some hundred years BC. Cannabis and its derivatives (weed, marijuana, bhang, charas, ganja, and numerous different names are used to explain product of cannabis plant) have been legally offered in India... Continue Reading →

Appeal to the highest court of land

An appeal is a process by which any person who has been a party to the case before the subordinate Court can challenge the judgement or an order passed by the subordinate court to the superior court. The individual submitting or persevering with an attraction is known as the appellant and the concerned Court is... Continue Reading →

Interested in Forex Trading? Then you should know all this…

Forex Trading is a really worthwhile funding choice for retail financers. Yet, the absence of information, assets, and ambiguous authorities, and legal guidelines has deterred retail working-class economic backers from taking an interest in the forex markets. The trading market or the Forex market is a globally decentralized or OTC (Over the top) market for... Continue Reading →

Evolution of Laws Related to Homosexuality in India

A Brief History: Historically, same-sex members of the family and gender fluidity were prominently featured in historic texts and sculptures of India. The regulation criminalizing homosexuality became officially delivered to India in 1862 with the aid of using the British colonial rulers after they protected it under "unnatural offenses" in phase 377 of the Indian... Continue Reading →


The idea of divorce was not recognized by the old Hindu law or regulations, even though it was identified through customs among Hindus. In Different parts of the country and with the passing of time humans started giving importance to personal liberty and as a result, the concept of divorce progressively evolved amongst humans to... Continue Reading →

Virtual Lawyer v. Real Lawyers

Introduction Cloud computing is the basis of every online or digital business. Legal-specific practice management tools are evolved in the fast-converting global to allow lawyers and companies to interact and engage without any delay with their clients. Benefits of a virtual law firm A digital law firm setup isn't simply useful for an unprecedented time... Continue Reading →

Right to genetic privacy in India

Over the years, genetic tests have turn out to be more famous and affordable, and accessible in India. For a couple of bucks, primary predictive genetic tests can now be ordered online. Our genomes are just like a horoscope in that, if correctly interpreted, they may expose hidden secrets about our lives or predict the... Continue Reading →

The Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981

The development of industries and factories, as well as the process of urbanization, has deteriorated the quality of fresh air around the world. Studies have proven that a median of 3 million people worldwide die upfront because of indoor and outdoor air pollution, however in step with the World Health Organization (WHO), "among the top... Continue Reading →

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