Sources of Muslim Law

Muslim Law is derived from the holy book of Quran and other recorded holy books by Prophet Muhammad. Islamic Law talks about the duties of an individual rather than his rights. Muslim law, in a religious sense means submitting to the will of god and giving in to it. In a secular sense, Islamic sense... Continue Reading →

Decriminalization of Certain Compoundable offences under Companies Act, 2013: A Welcome Step

Introduction Before the introduction of LPG policy (Liberalization, Globalization, and Privatization) the corporate sector of India was being punished through a series of rigorous regime of penalties, fines and punishments for the non-compliance and non-adherence of laws as set up by the Company Act of 1953. The Company Law regime of India has been evolved... Continue Reading →

Sexual Abuse under the Domestic Violence Act

“The quality of a nation’s civilization can be largely measured by the methods it uses in the enforcement of its criminal law. “ - P. Venkatrama Reddi Sexual Abuse in domestic space is an offence which is often forgotten and a rampant area in criminal law. It is a criminal offence which is often not... Continue Reading →

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