Essential Conditions for Valid Muslim Marriage in India :

INTRODUCTION :. We know very well that in india marriages of each religions covered by their own personal laws . Like Hindu's marriages covered under the Hindu Marriage Act 1955 but muslim law is not codified in india it's marriages covered by its personal laws . There is a landmark case of Abdul Kadir V.... Continue Reading →

Provisions Related Right to choose life Partner :-.

INTRODUCTION :-. As we know that in india we have six types of fundamental rights like , right to equality , right to freedom , right against exploitation , right to cultural and education , right to religion and Constitutional remedies etc . And these fundamental rights included different different sub rights . Every one... Continue Reading →

Examining the Positive impact of covid

INTRODUCTION :-. As we know that all countries suffers from the deadly virus since 2020 . We all suffered from very crucial time because of there is large numbers of deaths due to this pandemic and also this pandemic create a serious or threats among the people . Also this pandemic increases the unemployment ,... Continue Reading →

Adoption under Hindu law

INTRODUCTION :-. In India Hindus can adopt a child under the Hindu Adoptions and maintenance Act 1956 . By fulfilling the conditions which are given under this Act then that person adopt the child . We look in our nearby or in the society that many of the person adopted the child . Under Hindu... Continue Reading →

Positive Impact of Virtual Internship :-.

INTRODUCTION :-. As we all as a law student we know very well what is the importance of internship ! During the law courses there is need and expect to every law students to do an internship . Because of without internship your law will not be completed and also How to use the the... Continue Reading →

What we have to do in 5 year’s law course for success :-.

INTRODUCTION :-. As a law student , I felt in my law course that law is not easy but also not much difficult . Many of the students comes from that family which have not any law background so law is unknown for them . But it's ok if you have not any law background... Continue Reading →

Freedom of speech & expression Vs. Social Media

INTRODUCTION :-. Freedom of speech and expression is the essential part of the human life . Without speech and expression a person can not live their life freely . Under Article 19 ( 1 ) ( a ) of the Indian constitution gives its citizens freedom of speech and expression . According to this provisions... Continue Reading →

Can Property transferred to a unborn person under Transfer of Property Act 1882 ?

INTRODUCTION :-. Basically transfer means creating new interest on the property . Section 5 of the transfer of property Act 1882 says that a property can be transfer by a living persons to another living persons ( living persons including body of individuals , company or association ) . So according to this a property... Continue Reading →

Needs to improvement in Indian movies :-.

There is no doubt that movies are the mirror of the society , movies reflects our society and their life's . Movies shows that what are the conditions of the society and their expectations . There are many movies which are made on different different situations of the social life . Movies are the part... Continue Reading →

Infringement of copyright

INTRODUCTION :-. In a literal sense , copyright means an exclusive rights over a new things . If any person do any creativity which is different from the others then they got a right on that creativity . In ancient time creative person like artist , musicians , writers made or composed or wrote their... Continue Reading →

Provisions related Defamation in IPC

INTRODUCTION. :-. Every person has right to maintain and preserve his reputation . The right of reputation is more valuable than right to property . Law gives protection to person's reputation . Section 499 of IPC define the defamation and section 500 of IPC tells about the punishment for this . Definition :-. Section 499... Continue Reading →

Stages Of Crime

INTRODUCTION :-. A crime is an act or omission which is not only harmful for individuals but also for the society and that act or omission forbidden and punishable by law . Like murder , theft , robbery , rape , bigamy etc are the example of crime . Crime is more serious in nature... Continue Reading →

An Overview Of Plaint Under Code of civil procedure 1908

INTRODUCTION :- Plaint is a legal document in which the plaintiff pleadings are written . According to section 26 of CPC says that Every suit shall be instituted by the presentation of a plaint . Order 7 of CPC tells about the plaint . CONTENTS OF A PLAINT :- Rule 1 of the CPC says... Continue Reading →

An Overview Of Patent in India :-.

INTRODUCTION :- In a literal sense patent is the monopoly over a new things . Patent is provided for the invention . If a person do any invention then he or she got a patent rights on that invention. In india patent is governed by the Patent Act 1970 . Subject matter of Patent :-.... Continue Reading →

Essential Conditions For valid Contract in India :-

INTRODUCTION :-. To understand the essential for a valid Contract it is first necessary to know the meaning of contract . Contract is define under section 2(h) of the Indian Contract Act 1872 that "An agreement which is enforceable by law is a contract ". All agreement is not contract but all contract is agreement... Continue Reading →

Essential Conditions For Hindu Marriage :-

INTRODUCTION -. Marriage , according to Hindu Law is a holy sanskar ( sacrament) and not a contract unlike Muslim Law . For valid of marriage in Hindus there are some conditions which must be fulfilled . Section 5 of Hindu Marriage Act 1955 given some essential elements for Hindu marriage . A marriage may... Continue Reading →

To Know The Strength of India

Introduction :-. India is one of the strongest countries of the world . Article 1 in the Constitution States that India , that is Bharat , shall be a union of states . India is most powerful country from ancient era because of India was named golden bird was because of its abundant raw materials... Continue Reading →

Necessity of population control law in India :-

INTRODUCTION :- The biggest problem in this country right now POPULATION. Currently the population of India is approximately 1.38 billions second largest after China. In 2015 India’s population was a whopping 1.31 billions, Productions shows in 2022 India will over take China to become world’s most populous country. Earlier predictions cited year 2028 for this... Continue Reading →

Needs to improvement in Indian Judiciary

INTRODUCTION :- The time has to come to think about many things. One is need for changes in India's judicial system. The Constitution of India consist of three pillars : the legislature , the executive , and Judiciary . The Indian judiciary is regarded as one of the most important foundation of these three because... Continue Reading →

Brief Analysis of the case Shayara Bano V. Union of India

Introduction to the case :- In Islam the marriage is considered as a contract between the husband and wife , According to this contract may be dissolved at any time . In Muslim, there are three mode of talaq talaq e Ahsan , talaq e Hasan talaq e biddat . This case is popularly known... Continue Reading →

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