Ordinary Damages

Introduction Damages that emerge within the conventional course of occasions from the breach of contract are called conventional harms. Harms emerging out of common and plausible results of breach of contract are too considered a standard harm. Common damages are such damages, which the law presumes from the breach of the contract. By and large... Continue Reading →

Exemplary Damages

Introduction When a person falls casualty to a person’s carelessness and is harmed, tort law can be utilized to right the off-base that was done. One of the most purposes of tort law is to put the victim in a position that's as near as conceivable to the condition that they were in some time... Continue Reading →

Salient Features of 61st Amendment Act of the Constitution

A Brief History 61st Amendment Act of the Constitution was passed by Rajya Sabha on 20th December 1988, to reduce the voting age from 21 to 18 years. The bill endeavoured to alter Article 326 of the Indian Structure, which administers Lok Sabha and Assemblies elections. The 61st Amendment Act, 1988 was presented within the... Continue Reading →

Nominal Damages

Introduction Nominal damages are a frame of legitimate remuneration that are granted by the court when the offended party has the lawful right to get them but was not able to demonstrate a considerable loss. In other words, the offended party was able to demonstrate that the litigant committed a blame or an off-base but... Continue Reading →

Unliquidated Damages

Introduction Unliquidated damages are a sort of damages granted as a result of a contract breach. They vary from other forms of damages in that they are decided through court procedures and not foreordained in contracts. The most reason of unliquidated damages is that they empower a party enduring from a breach of contract to... Continue Reading →

Justice Leila Seth- First Women Chief Justice of High Court

Justice Leila Seth was born on 20th October 1930, at Lucknow. She was the first women in India to become the Chief Justice of High Court. Her father’s name was Raj Bihari Seth. He worked in Imperial Railway Service. When she was only eleven years old, her father died and her mother struggled financially. After... Continue Reading →

Remedies for Breach of Contract

When a guarantee or agreement is broken by any of the parties, we call it a breach of contract. So, when either of the parties does not keep their conclusion of the understanding or does not satisfy their commitment as per the terms of the contract, it could be a breach of contract. There are a few cures for breach of contract, such as grant of harms, particular... Continue Reading →

Damages for Breach of Contract

A contract is not a property. It is a promise supported by some consideration upon which either the remedy of specific performance or that of damages is available. The party who is injured by the breach of contract may bring an action for damages in the court. “Damages” means compensation for the loss suffered by... Continue Reading →

Special Damages

Special damages are granted in a gracious claim in order to compensate an offended party for noteworthy money related misfortunes. For case, extraordinary harms would be granted to a casualty who is constrained to be out of work as the result of an individual harm, and loses compensation as a result. Extraordinary harms are calculated... Continue Reading →

Biography of Justice S. Ranganathan

Former Judge of Supreme Court of India, Justice S. Ranganathan was born in 1927 and laid down his last breath on January 20, 2022 at Chennai. He was 94 years old.  He studied at P.S. School and later at Presidency College and at Madras Law College. The illustrious career of Justice Ranganathan as Advocate of... Continue Reading →

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