Critical Analysis of Indian Judiciary

The Indian judicial system is one of the important pillars of democracy. It has its roots since ancient times when the judicial system worked according to the kings and emperors, british rulers and now working as a sovereign and independent body. The judicial system in India has a systematic hierarchy of courts - the Supreme... Continue Reading →

Rule of Law

The term Rule of Law means that the state is governed by the law and all the other institutions to run the state come under the law. The concept of Rule of Law is as old as the existence of state. Many western as well as Indian thinkers explained it in their theories. Plato and... Continue Reading →

How culture affects the law of the Nation.

The words culture and law have very different meanings according to any dictionary. In our day to day life, we understand culture as the rich, vibrant heritage of the society, the colours, customs and traditions, festivals, way of living, the civilisation, and the core of the society. By hearing the word culture we understand the... Continue Reading →

Live – In Relationship

Introduction  As the name suggests, Live-In relationship is an arrangement of living where two people live together as married couples but they are not formally married. This type of relationship is formed to learn to live together and be compatible with each other. Partners living in a live-in relationship are not bound legally and have... Continue Reading →

Rights of Minorities – National Minority Rights Day

“The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities”, Ayn Rand, Russian- American writer and philosopher said. The world consists of people belonging to different races, religions, creeds, gender etc and live together in harmony. Among the large group of individuals we share many... Continue Reading →

Impact of virtual courts during the Pandemic

Introduction The year 2020 has been a year of change for the whole world. The covid 19 pandemic has affected every individual on the globe and has brought remarkable changes in their lives. Because of this pandemic, many countries suddenly stopped functioning and working and the people had to stay at home for their safety.... Continue Reading →

Act of God

The term Act of God literally means any situation which is out of human control like natural disasters including tornado, flood, volcanic eruption, earthquakes, tsunami, tidal wave etc. it is a natural catastrophe which no one can prevent. It is based on the principle Vis Major  which means “a loss that results immediately from a... Continue Reading →

Importance of Alternative Dispute Resolution

Introduction  Alternative Dispute Resolution or ADR, or Amicable Dispute Resolution is the process of settling disputes without the interference of the court. It is a private way of solving disputes and is used a lot in today’s time. ADR is one of the best methods for getting quick and economic dispute resolution. It consists of... Continue Reading →

The Case Which Preserved The Democracy In India – Keshavananda Bharati Case.

Nanabhoy Palkhiwala was a prominent lawyer who convinced Keshavananda Bharati to file a petition and fight for his rights under Article 26. The said Article gives the freedom to all the citizens of India to manage religious affairs like managing a temple or a trust or the property and land of the religious place. The... Continue Reading →

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