Gender Sensitivity

Abstract Gender sensitivity refers to theories claiming a causal effect on gender equality towards children and the behavioral modification of teachers and parents. While referring to a document published by UNESCO on Gender Sensitivity, it has mentioned in the document that we cannot relate gender sensitivity with the concept of pitting on women against men.... Continue Reading →

Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2018 & Woman Safety

Introduction The Criminal Law Amendment Act, 2018 is an outcome of a barbaric incident that shook the conscience of India. The demand for making anti-rape laws more stringent had started developing due to various child rape incidents. The demand for Amendment to Criminal Act was triggered after the heinous incidents of the Kathua rape case... Continue Reading →

Unconscionable exclusion clause in the Contract Act

Introduction A contract is formed when one party makes an offer and the other party accepts the same, it completes when the party gives free consent that is also communicated to the offeror. There must be some external manifestation of that intent by speech, writing or other act. Such manifestation may be in the form... Continue Reading →

Tortious Defamation in the light of freedom of speech and expression in India

Introduction As the technology is improving, the means of people to speak against others, instances of media houses creating a fuss out of any situation are on a rise. People do not think before speaking and this is what lands them in problem because India has put in place the defamation law. Defamation law in... Continue Reading →

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