Capital Punishment in India

Capital Punishment is said to be a legal penalty in India. This comes under the country's substantive penal legislation which gives some permission for the crimes in Indian Penal Code as well as other laws. According to the statistics in death row, there are 403 prisoners in India. The recent executions happened in March 2020... Continue Reading →

Audit for Proprietorship

Introduction Auditing Auditing means checking financial records, book keeping and books of accounts with applicable laws. A Chartered accountant who is in practice carries out the tax audit which checks the accuracy of financial statements. This happens in all the companies at the end of the financial year. The last date which is considered each... Continue Reading →

Life insurance- a critical component in financial planning

When asking what financial planning actually means, the first thought which comes to our mind is either saving money for retirement, planning for college or thinking of a few sources for retirement income. Which means that planning for our future years or saving money to accomplish our future goals is the major aspect of financial... Continue Reading →

What is a one person company?

Introduction Section 2(62) defines a one person company (OPC) under the Companies Act, 2013 which has only one person as its members. The one person company has only one shareholder which is considered to be a single member of the company. Now the question arises when do such companies are created and that too with... Continue Reading →

Public limited company with added advantages

Introduction A public limited company is a business organisation which is said to be a separate legal entity from its owners. A public limited company is owned and also formed by the shareholders. Its shares are traded and listed at the stock exchange market freely. The stocks of the company can be taken or acquired... Continue Reading →

Role of Nominee in a one person company

Introduction A nominee is a very important part of a one person company. In order to get a one person company registered, a sole director must designate a nominee for the respective company. As there is only one director of one person company, the nominated or designated will become the member of the company if... Continue Reading →

Siege Tactics still threaten Syrians : Post 10 years of war in Syria

"The rights experts of the United Nations have highlighted that the future of the people living in Syria is increasingly bleak. Different conflicts have escalated in specific war-ravaged areas which is a return to siege tactics linked to the plummeting economy"  Syria is not at all safe for the refugees to return after the war.... Continue Reading →

Mental Illness and Psychiatric Emergencies : A struggle against Stigma

Introduction Psychiatric emergencies are behavioural changes which results in worsening of mental illnesses. This can result in great risks and serious conditions which need immediate treatment and therapeutic intervention. They have a feeling of prejudice, fear and exclusion. Particularly, the term stigma has negative consequences in mentally ill and behavioral patients. All such people are... Continue Reading →

UNICEF stresses Afghan Girls must not be excluded from school

"The UN Children's Fund ( UNICEF) mentioned that secondary schools will reopen in Afghanistan after a long holidayor closure due to Covid 19. The fact which was stressed was "Girls will not be kept away from the classroom".  The chief minister of UNICEF Henrietta Fore showed her concern that many girls cannot return to school... Continue Reading →

Breakthrough cases of Maintenance under Hindu Laws

According to Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 and the Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act, 1956, divorce maintenance is where the husband provides alimony or financial support to the wife even after judicial separation. Basically not only to the wife, but also to the children and wife's parents who are equally entitled to receive financial support from... Continue Reading →

Partnership and its importance

Introduction A partnership firm is a kind of business wherein a formal agreement is organised between two or more people. This is made accordingly who agrees to be the co-owners and distribute responsibilities to run an organization and manage that. It also has the responsibility to share the income or losses that the business generates... Continue Reading →

Incorporating a Private limited company

Introduction Private limited companies are considered very important to start a business by startups and businesses. Under the Companies Act 2013, the private limited company is incorporated and it is governed by the ministry of corporate affairs. It is a corporate structure which gives a separate legal entity to the owners of business. It has... Continue Reading →

Post Incorporation compliances for Sole proprietorships in India

Proprietorships Sole proprietorship is very easy to start. This form of business is very easy as it is not governed by any strict or specific laws. There are minimal compliances here and are fulfilled easily. There is a single person known as sole proprietor who takes the decisions and carries the management of the business.... Continue Reading →

Articles of Association

Introduction Article of association (AoA) is a document which mentions the operations of the company and its regulations along with the purpose of the company. It elaborates the task and describes how the tasks are accomplished with the organisation, procedure for appointing directors and handling financial records. We can think this article of association as... Continue Reading →

Breakthrough cases of Maintenance under Muslim Laws

Under Muslim Law the term ‘Maintenance’ is called as “NAFAQA”. Maintenance should be included in food, clothing, and loding. Under Muslim Women Act (Protection of Rights on Divorce) 1986 wife are enfoceable against the former husband. Under Section 125 of the Criminal Procedure Code 1973, a wife who has not been living with her husband... Continue Reading →

ITR for Proprietorship Firms

Introduction ITR is a form which must be filled for the purpose of filing tax returns. It is very much essential that proprietorship has to file tax return each and every year unless it is exempted. The tax return by filling the ITR forms can be filed physically or through online by filing via an... Continue Reading →

Maintenance of Hindu women after divorce under Hindu Law

Introduction According to Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 and the Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act, 1956, divorce maintenance is where the husband provides alimony or financial support to the wife even after judicial separation. Basically not only to the wife, but also to the children and wife's parents who are equally entitled to receive financial support... Continue Reading →

India’s Drone Regulations 2021, A Policy Analysis

Introduction to History of Drones in India  Compared to other countries, India has different regulations on the use of drones. Failure to do so may result in huge fines for those who fly drones. Drone pilots need to know this. Drones are rapidly bringing the next great technological revolution around the world, mainly because it... Continue Reading →

TDS on Sale of Property

Introduction In Income Tax Act,1961, Section 1941A deals with the transfer of an immovable property where tax should be deducted by the transferee being a non resident of the property. It has also introduced TDS where the transfer of property can be done by a resident transferor. This comes under Section 194 LA Finance Act,2013.... Continue Reading →

Tax Advantages and Business of a Private limited company

Introduction A private limited company is one which is formed with limited liability and there is legal protection for shareholders. This type of company is held for small businesses. If we talk about the liability of the members of a private limited company, these members are limited to the number of shares. These shares cannot... Continue Reading →

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