What is a Mortgage?

The word “Mortgage” is something that we have come across as children or young adults, rather frequently. However, what really are these mortgages that people and financial institutions such as banks seem to be oh-so-fond of? What allows it’s recognition and where is it legally enshrined? To have a better understanding of this, let’s have... Continue Reading →

Will peace persist in an anarchic society?

We humans, by virtue of being limited by high emotional intervention in our day to day activities, I firmly believe, shall never be free from war. As the classical realists would say, "The state of war is a perpetual issue"  I believe, till the time we're governed by even an iota of something even remotely... Continue Reading →

Intellectual Property Rights: An Overview

No. A copyrighted piece in no way insinuates your right to copy. What a copyrighted piece does suggest though, is the right to grant a licence of your original literary work that stems from your own mind, to be granted for use under a legally binding deed to any other person or corporal body. Or... Continue Reading →

Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999: An Overview

The Foreign exchange Management Act, 1999 (hereinafter referred to as “FEMA” or “the Act”) is an Act meant to govern the laws pertaining to foreign exchange so as to manage and functionally facilitate external trade and payments as regards the foreign exchange market in India. This Act, supra, replaced the Foreign Exchange Regulation Act, 1973... Continue Reading →

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