Foods: FSSAI vs. Electricity supply: Electricity Regulatory Commission

What is FSSAI? The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India is a government-established authority under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in 2006 bearing the responsibility of protecting public health through supervision and regulations of food safety. Its registration is a mandatory process for any Indian company willing to start food businesses in... Continue Reading →

Role of International Standards: ISO an overview

What is the ISO? The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a non-governmental platform that supervises and controls the public as well as private sector providing standardisation processes across the array of products in the world. The ISO establishes some guidelines in the market which help facilitate trade and focus on delivering better quality and... Continue Reading →

Voluntary and Mandatory Standards

What are the voluntary and mandatory standards? Standards establish particular requirements, and published documents designed to maximize the products' specifications, reliability, material and service. These standards are designed to safeguard consumer health and safety, simplify product compatibility, and increase peed in the market. Standards are divided into two voluntary and mandatory standards. Voluntary standards are... Continue Reading →

Real Estate Regulatory Authority

What is RERA Act? The Real Estate Regulatory Authority or the RERA Act was established under the Act of 2016 with the main aim to regulate the real estate sector and address the issues faced by homebuyers. The goal is to create fair and equitable transactions between the seller and the buyer of properties in... Continue Reading →

Telecommunication: TRAI

What is Telecom or Telecommunication? It is a proven fact that before any other traits a human could adapt but first was being a gossiper. Communication or commute refers to movement from one place to another. Today, such a term plays an essential part in our lives. Similarly, telecommunication means the exchange of information over... Continue Reading →

Evolution of Consumer Movement in India

Need for Evolution The origin of the consumer movement began in the 1960s which began as an interest in protecting the interest of the consumers and promoting unfair trade practices such as hoarding, black marketing and adulteration. the market where the activities of exchange are taking place makes the consumer an essential link to the... Continue Reading →


What is hallmarking? Hallmarking had a long history dating back to 1300 A.D. introduced by the Britishers and gradually progressed to the Hallmarking Act 1973. The term refers to the mark which is imprinted on a precious metal namely gold, silver, platinum or palladium. The mark shows that the piece of metal has been independently... Continue Reading →

Role of Bureau of Indian Standards

What is BIS? BIS or the Bureau of Indian Standards is a national statutory body governed by the Act of 2016. BIS covers the standardization process in the food and other related products industry in India. The body has been identified as the ‘National Standards Body of India’ which is regulated under the Ministry of... Continue Reading →

Licensing and Surveillance

What is licensing and surveillance? The Bureau of Indian Standards is a governing body in the field of food, consumption and public distribution operating under the Act of 2016. The authority performs its operations to prescribe standardisation of goods and services. For every product to sell in a market needs to go through the process... Continue Reading →

IRDA and Insurance Ombudsman

What is IRDA? The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) is the regulatory authority that controls the entire insurance business throughout the nation. The authority lays down rules and regulations for effective supervision and smooth functioning in the insurance sector. Its main aim is to protect the interest of the policyholders, conduct insurance business in... Continue Reading →

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