Internet Privacy in India

Introduction: - Piracy has differed in meaning over the course of time, and the perspective and opinion on piracy changes with the generation it is referenced in. However, what remains uniform is the fact that piracy was, is, and probably will remain an unlawful act, regardless of the context in which it is interpreted.What is... Continue Reading →

Waldron and Judicial Review

THE CASE THAT STRUCK DOWN A LEGISLATION In the case of Roe v. Wadei , the appellant filed a suit challenging the abortion laws of the state of Texas, co-joined by a medical practitioner, on the simple grounds that the law was too nebulous to be ascertained in some cases. The Texas laws criminalized abortion... Continue Reading →

The Copyright (Amendment) Rules, 2021 (Ministry of Commerce and Industry, DPIIT)

The Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, on March 30, 2021 notified The Copyright (Amendment) Rules, 2021 which amends the Copyright Rules, 2013 to introduce certain changes in the administration of Copyright Law in India. The Amendment introduces measures to digitize the whole process of functioning of the... Continue Reading →

Juvenile justice system in India

There has been a notion that juveniles should be treated more leniently because - Young people have a tendency to respond with considerable and lasting frustration, which is often accompanied by aggressive approaches. In recent years, it has also been observed that the number of crimes committed by youngsters has increased dramatically. Early-life experiences, upbringing,... Continue Reading →

Cyber Crimes and Cyber Laws in India: An Overview

_Abstract: Indian Cyber ​​Law -Simply put, cybercrime is an illegal activity where the computer is a tool, a target, or both. Cybercrime can include traditional criminal acts such as theft, fraud, counterfeiting, defamation, and mischief, all of which are governed by Indian criminal law. Computer abuse also caused many New Age crimes that fall under... Continue Reading →

Legalities in Organ Donation

Abstract The law called the Human Organ Transplantation Act (THO) was passed in India in 1994 to streamline organ donation and transplantation activities. the sale of organs made a criminal offense. With the acceptance of brain death, it was not only possible to do kidney transplants, but also to initiate other solid organ transplants such... Continue Reading →

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