Economic Reservation

INTRODUCTION The Constitution (One Hundred and Twenty-Fourth Amendment) Bill, 2019, was introduced in the Lok Sabha on January 08, 2019, with an aim to provide reservation in higher education and public employment to 'economically weaker sections' of the society. The Bill was passed within the Lower House of the Parliament with only three members voting... Continue Reading →


Candidate:05 , Salouni Choudhary, 19, a student studying from home all thanks to Corona Virus. What are your official working hours and how many hours do you work? Ans. As a student I have classes for 3-4 hours daily. But apart from this I am doing internships and for that I don’t have any fixed... Continue Reading →

Media, the Fourth Estate

The media is a very important institution in India that provides discursive interactions in a democratic country. Being the fourth pillar, it is a central part of democracy in India. But, due to current situation of media overreach, questions related to freedom and accountability of media has arisen. The courts have been particularly instructive in... Continue Reading →

Live in Relationships are not an offence

The Indian society is the society of customs and traditions. In Indian society marriage is considered to be Sacred. Marriage is regarded as a connection of soul to soul not for one life but for all. One thing which is seen as sin by many people is living of a couple as husband and wife... Continue Reading →

What is Sedition ?

This section was drafted by Mr. Thomas Babington Macaulay and added in IPC in the year 1870. It was introduced by the British to oppress the voices of Indians which were rising against them. Punishments are also very rigorous, like a person who is charged with this offence can never apply for Government jobs. It... Continue Reading →

Is having more than two children a Crime in India ?

It’s already been more than a year of introduction ‘Population Regulation Bill, 2019’ before parliament, calling for taking action against the people having more than two children. The bill was introduced by MP Rakesh Sinha, a founding member of India Policy Foundation, an RSS-affiliated non-profit think tank. The bill was signed by 125 MP; they... Continue Reading →

Independence of Judiciary

INDEPENDECE OF JUDICIARY Independence of Judiciary means that the courts should remain away from the influences of the other organs of the Government or from private or partisan interests. Judicial Independence is one of the most important features of the democracy. Independence of judiciary is important for ensuring the safety of the rights and the... Continue Reading →

Human Rights Day 2020

HUMAN RIGHTS DAY 2020 "To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity." - Nelson Mandela Human rights are basically rights which are meant for every individual. In this world where there is discrimination of various kinds spread all over the world, the existence of human right is very important to ensure... Continue Reading →

Does Period Poverty Exist in India ?

The answer is a big YES. ‘Period’ is a word that is still regarded as shame in India. There are very few people who talks about it without hesitation. Although Sex knowledge is started being included in Education system but still period is not a part of Education system. Most of the boys even don’t... Continue Reading →

Is stalking a way of showing your love feat. Bollywood

“Darta Main nahin, chahe ho zamin, chahe aasman. Jahan bhi tu jayegi vha chla aaunga. Tera pichha Na main chhodunga soniye, Bhej de chahe jail mein Pyar ke is khel mein.” These lyrics are from one of the movie of Dharmendra, where he not only says so but he keeps on stalking Hema Malini unless... Continue Reading →

Right to select your partner

“Right to Choose a Partner, irrespective of Religion, is intrinsic to the Right to Life and Personal Liberty”                                          ~~~`Allahabad HC. Allahabad High Court in the case of ‘Salamat Ansari and Others vs. State of UP and Others’ held that the Right to choose a partner is a Fundamental Right under Article 21. Article 21... Continue Reading →

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