Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Award

Table of Content :- IntroductionHistorical backgroundEnforcement of Arbitral AwardProcedureJurisdictionForum for Enforcement of Foreign AwardTime LimitConclusion Introduction An arbitral award refers to the decision of an arbitral tribunal, whether in a domestic or international arbitration, including any interim awards thereunder. In India, enforcement and execution of arbitral awards are governed both by the Arbitration and Conciliation... Continue Reading →

Application and Scope of Conciliation 

Introduction The term conciliation is not defined in the Arbitration and Conciliation Act. However, in simple terms, conciliation is a confidential, voluntary and private dispute resolution process in which a neutral person helps the parties to reach a negotiated settlement. This method provides the disputing parties with a chance to take into consideration options facilitated... Continue Reading →

Difference between Arbitration and Conciliation

Primary difference between arbitration and conciliation is that arbitration is the process by which parties select an independent person, who renders a decision regarding the case. Conversely, conciliation attempts to make parties come to an agreement, about the problem at hand. Industrial Disputes are always harmful to all stakeholders – employees, society, management, government, etc.... Continue Reading →

Appeal under Arbitration and Conciliation Act,1996

Table of Contents : AbstractWhat does “ Appealable Order ” means?Who can Appeal?Jurisdiction of Courts regarding ‘ Appeal ’.Conclusion Abstract Arbitration and Conciliation is the blooming section of Law. Companies, Corporate Houses, Businesses are mostly opting for ‘ Out of Court Settlement ’ known as Arbitration, Mediation, Conciliation. The act has its own set of... Continue Reading →

Interim Measures By the Court [Section 9 of the A&C Act]

Table of Contents : IntroductionWhat does Interim Measures means?Interim Relief Under Section 9 of the Act.Jurisdiction of Court for the application of Section 9.Enforceability and appeal against interim relief granted under section 9.ConclusionCase Laws on Section 9 Introduction Arbitration and Conciliation Act is effective and interrogative part of Alternative dispute resolution system accepted universally. Arbitration... Continue Reading →

Provisions regarding setting aside an Arbitral Award [Sec 34 of A&C Act,1996]

Table of Content : AbstractIntroductionMeaning of ArbitrationBenefits of an Arbitration proceedingApplication to Set aside an arbitral award.GroundsLimitationAmendmentsConclusion Abstract Arbitration is a process where parties to an agreement settle any dispute amongst them outside the court through Arbitral Tribunal. Arbitration is one of the most used processes of Dispute Resolution in India. The arbitration law in... Continue Reading →

Enforcement of Arbitral Award [Detailed research on Section 36 of A&C Act,1996]

Points discussed below : Introduction to Arbitration What is an Arbitral AwardWho passes the Arbitral Award? What does Enforcement of Arbitral Award means? Enforcement of arbitral award and it's detailed procedure. Conditions for Enforcement of an Arbitral Award Amendments of Section 36. (Enforcement of Arbitral Award) Conclusion Abstract Arbitration right now is a booming sector... Continue Reading →

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