The Kashmir files: A long hidden truth revealed about disparity of Kashmiri Hindus and pandits. It brought us the truth that happened in India in 1990s and it shares the Real story of Kashmir which was not exodus of Kashmiri Hindus but Genocide. And one religion people were brainwashed to get into terrorism and murdered... Continue Reading →


Processed fast food is very popular in the world today, and even devotees often take bread, chips and other items. You may be aware that many of those products are not healthy, but what some people don’t know is that many of them are also not vegetarian. Even if you read the label, it can... Continue Reading →


Evolution is carried on by the Jiva passing from body to body, the bodies improving as his powers unfold; this is called re-birth, re-incarnation, or transmigration. The word re-incarnation means literally taking flesh again, coming again into a physical body. The word transmigration means passing from one place to another passing into a new body.... Continue Reading →


Aghori are the branch of Hinduism which are also said to be shortcut to Moksha. These people are Vairagis(renounced ). They are devotees of God Shiva and they do various kinds of sadhana from which they achieves connection with supernatural entities and supernatural psychic abilities. They are said to be not trifled with as they... Continue Reading →


Cannibus or ganja is an Ayurvedic herb which has many medicinal benefits. It has the capacity to remove cancer cell and much more miraculous power to treat different types of diseases. Cannibus is plant which give marijuana which was oftenly used as  a substance to get into altered state.  And was mostly used for nasha.... Continue Reading →


Early rising is the best habit which can give you very much. As there is an old saying “Early to bed and Early to rise makes a human healthy, wealthy and Wise.” It is simple science that during night when light becomes less than our Pineal gland secretes more of Melatonin hormone which makes us... Continue Reading →


There is a popular belief that the britishers colonized and civilized India and some people also seems to be showing respect towards them especially some Indians. Britishers came to India seeing it a great trade site and they eventually and slowly captured all of India and it’s resources. Europeans sent Christopher Columbus on a voyage... Continue Reading →


Ayurveda is the knowledge of life and longevity. It is knowledge of ancient medical science. In it natural products from nature are used for treatment. Allopathy is today’s modern medicine which includes drugs of chemicals and chemically induced proportionated tablets which are effective in treating illness but not it’s cause. Allopathic medicine cuts off the... Continue Reading →


Pyramid are today known to be ancient pilgrimage site and it has so many mysteries which are not solved yet. Pyramid are today taken as tourist attraction but it has a very important significance related to human anatomy and physiology which is not revealed in public. Pyramid are made with very accurate architectural measurements and... Continue Reading →


Destiny is your life’s predetermined circumstances going to happen to you. Destiny is said to be written even before your birth, it is like that but is little different in actual. Actually our destiny is not made by god himself but it is made by a Universal law made by god and this Universe which... Continue Reading →


Non vegetarian food is a curse in disguise you are being curtained by these big industrial players into believing that it is very healthy whereas reality is apart from it. Non Vegetarian food is also major hindrance in spiritual growth. Eating it is also considered a major Sin. Negative energies which you summon through Black... Continue Reading →


Ancient Knowledge is far more advanced than today’s modern science as it consist of Spiritual realm also. Human  body is a great gift by God. It is the door to salvation for the Souls(atma). Even Devtas(angel) and Gandharv(spirit) Dreams of Human Body. As Human Body is given by the grace of God it’s Just we... Continue Reading →


Parenting is a skill  which we are not particulary teached anywhere and not understanding how to do parenting is a greater problem than being a parent. Parenting is simply growing your kid so that they not only have good values but also to make them capable of worldly doings and achievements. Parenting comes when you... Continue Reading →


In order to attain freedom from this birth and death cycle you must know the path. According to Bhagwadgeeta there are four paths to Salvation or Moksha. Rajyoga, Gyanyoga, Bhaktiyoga and KarmaYoga. Yoga means connecting from inside out or connecting to this Universe at astral level and not just some postures. In Details- RAjyoga is... Continue Reading →


In history we have been told that Aryan were outsiders who came to India and also ruled upon Dravidians and took away their land and literally showed Aryans as foreigners, of which there is no evidence and it is just a thinking which was being passed on for divide and rule. Aryan invasion theory was... Continue Reading →


It is real, it is practice which takes spell power. It is indeed the wrong practice but reality it can be done on any person for malicious intents. Tantriks are the practitiones of it . Witches and wizards are also the practitioners of it. It is like an addiction even a person who enters in... Continue Reading →

GAYATRI MANTRA: Unknown Facts and Indepth Meaning

Gayatri mantra is the most known and powerful mantra in Hinduism. “Om BhurBhuva Swah, TatSaviturVareniyam Bhargo Devasaya Dhimahi Dhiyo Yoh Nah Pracodayat” It is found in our 4 vedas and is known to do wonderful miraculous effects on our human anatomy as well as system.It is known to be a prayer to God. It is... Continue Reading →


When you die you actually don’t die your body dies you actually comes to life(a real life after death). You should know that you are soul(atma). In Hinduism it is said that we have three body stulh sarir(physical body), karan sarir(karmic record body) and suksham sarir(astral body). When you die you would be having 7... Continue Reading →

Kalki Avatar: The End of Kaliyuga and Kali

Kalki Avatar is the Avatar of Vishnu Narayan Ji to  come in Kaliyuga to establish Dharma. Lord Vishnu Ji have taken Avatar in form of Narsimha , Mohini, Buddha, Vaman, Matsya, Varah, Takshak,Parshuram, Ram, Krishna and some more. When the end of the world will happen then the Kalki Avatar ji will come and take... Continue Reading →

Casteism Exposed : Indian system or Britishers conspiracy

Casteism is a highly condemned practice in the society of ours in which people are divided on their background. But do casteism really have any Indian background.Today we will try to bust this myth. Caste is a Portugese word first of all. And it has its root in all the countries around the globe. It... Continue Reading →

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