Difference between Tribunals and a Court

Introduction India is a big country with huge population. For a large population to get justice, there must be a lot of courts set up. However, even though the country has a Supreme Court, 25 High Courts, and many District Courts, there are still billions of cases that have not been decided yet in the... Continue Reading →

What is Hurt

Introduction At the moment, a significant portion of criminal cases in India, more precisely in the Courts of Judicial Magistrate, are 'Hurt' cases. For instance, violations of Sections 323, 324, and 326 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860. Without these cases, there is no criminal court. 'Hurt' is also referred to as effect damage, prompt... Continue Reading →

Who is a Person?

Definition The term 'person' stems from the Latin phrase 'Persona,' which refers to persons who are legally recognised as possessing legal rights and being bound by legal obligations. It can refer to a single individual, a group of individuals, a business, or another legal entity recognised by law as the subject of rights and obligations. ... Continue Reading →

Central Authority under Consumer Protection Act

Introduction The Consumer Protection Act, 2019 has expanded consumer rights in areas such as e-commerce portals, online sales, direct selling, and multi-level marketing. Additionally, newly developed concepts such as 'product liability' and 'unfair contracts' have been established to reinforce and safeguard consumers' interests. Section 10(1) of Chapter III of the Act establishes a 'Central Consumer... Continue Reading →

Jurisdiction of National Consumer Forum

Introduction An individual who buys products or services for private use is a consumer. Consumers do not include anybody who receives products or services for free, makes purchases for business purposes, or who receives service as an employer under a service contract. With the advancement of technological platforms and the proliferation of supply sources, customers... Continue Reading →

What is Grevious Hurt

Introduction According to the Oxford lexicon, the word "Grievous Hurt" refers to any damage that puts an individual's life in peril. The code classifies hurt into basic and severe categories based on the magnitude and intensity of the physical attack perpetrated. As the term implies, grievous injury entails the inflicting of severe and more extreme... Continue Reading →

Manjeet Singh vs National Insurance Company Ltd. & Anr

Facts of the case The case involved the appellant's hiring purchase of a secondhand vehicle. The respondent's insurance company supplied vehicle insurance. On one of his journeys, a passenger requested that he pull over and give him a lift. As soon as he came to a halt, the passenger attacked the driver and took the... Continue Reading →

Features of the First Amendment of the Constitution of India

Introduction Just like any other written Constitution in the world, the Constitution of India allows it to be amended so that it can better meet the needs and changes in the world. Article 368 in Part XX of the Constitution talks about how Parliament can change the Constitution and how it does it, as well as... Continue Reading →

National Insurance Company Ltd. v. Hindustan Safety Glassworks Ltd. & Anr.

Facts of the case National Insurance Company Ltd. v. Hindustan Safety Glassworks Ltd. & Anr.(1) is a case that is mostly about consumer rights and power. Every person is a consumer in some capacity, and hence the relevance of an act dealing with the subject is immense. The Consumer Protection Act, 1986 addresses particular concerns... Continue Reading →

Governor vs State Governments – What does the constitution say?

Introduction Recently the scuffle between two power centers – the state government which is run by a political party elected through the people’s mandate and the Governor, who is nominated by the President, is rocking the country. The last of mutual conflicts went to such an extent that some states are planning to come together... Continue Reading →

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