India’s basic principles embody ahimsa, unity-in-diversity; Parliamentary-system, spiritual-journey, and environmental-protection that may be found in government, local-public, and so on What will it mean to be smart national in your home country or world? Sociocultural-notions like patriotic-sentiments, civil-rights, principle of one-man-one-vote, and generally, nationalism, increase ideas concerning citizenship that entails several-rights, as well as liberty,... Continue Reading →

Feminism vs Pseudofeminism

INTRODUCTIONThe current scenario and historical background of feminism, which includes social and political movements, has to do with gender inequalities and women's equality. The fundamental importance of feminism would be a goal to justify gender equality and the protection of women from domestic violence. Abuse, rape, harassment and other crimes committed in the name of... Continue Reading →


BRAIN DRAIN “yes, that sounds interesting because the name rhymes and is interesting, but what it says is not that interesting. Brian Drain is essentially the migration of talented geniuses and young minds from their home countries to countries in search of a better life, education and a better job. When the qualified minds of... Continue Reading →


Authors, artists, Associate in Nursingd creators have the proper to achieve benefit from their work, and copyright law protects that right. The goal of copyright legislation is to encourage individuals to make original works. The owner of an belongings has an privilege referred to as Copyright. It guards against unlawful repeating or use of the... Continue Reading →


INTRODUCTION: Dowry, or Dahej, is one of the deep-rooted societal evils this is growing at an exceptional fee in present day culture. While it's miles plain that current people criticize it, the exercise differs in keeping with the area, caste, and faith. This evil is silently claiming the lives of harmless married ladies, from turning... Continue Reading →


India’s relationship with space dates back to its first rocket launch in 1963 underneath the steerage of the visionary, Dr. Vikram Sarabhai. Subsequently, it absolutely was the launch of Aryabhatta, the primary Indian scientific satellite. Since then India’s efforts are crystallized into many missions with applications within the areas of communication, broadcasting, meteorology and oceanography,... Continue Reading →

What does VT stands on a plane??

VT is that the prefix used for all airliners happiness to Asian nation. VT is a prefix issued to India pre 1928 once it had been a British colony by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) chargeable for code allocation. In 1928 the VTA code was modified to VT -XXX when new codes were issued.... Continue Reading →


Domestic violence in India is AN entrenched problem, and it's solely been exacerbated in recent years. per the National Crime Records Bureau’s (NCRB) ‘Crime in India’ 2019 report, regarding 70% of girls in India are victims of force. One such manifestation of this domestic violence is matrimonial rape. matrimonial rape, the act of forcing your... Continue Reading →


In addition to deciding that space of law to pursue, this is often another question that perpetually puzzles law students. Many folks are confused between these 2 areas as a result of what they hear from their seniors and additionally as a result of of totally different tv shows or movies. each appear appealing because... Continue Reading →

Two-child Policy: UP Law Commission Releases Population Bill Draft

In less than a month, UP Law Commission submitted the draft Population Bill 2021 on Saturday, in search of public recommendations to the draft through 19 July. The draft Bill which has now been uploaded to the Law commission's website, lists incentives for authorities employees, widespread public and couples beneath poverty line for adopting -toddler... Continue Reading →


Indian state represents a recent approach in constitutionalising of separation of powers. Essentially, there's no strict separation of powers beneath constitution, each in theory and practice. In India, there are 3 distinct activities within the Government through that the need of the individuals are expressed. The legislative organ of the state makes laws, the manager... Continue Reading →

Wholly Owned Subsidiary

Introduction An entity whose complete proportion capital is held through overseas businesses can be described as a entirely-owned subsidiary organisation. A entirely-owned subsidiary organisation can be fashioned as a personal, proportion-restrained, guarantee-restrained, or legal responsibility organisation. Considering the severa exemptions that a personal restrained organisation could make to be had below the Indian Companies Act,... Continue Reading →

Ways to get divorce records in hand

Divorce statistics are crucial statistics which might be crucial for numerous prison transactions like converting name, looking for spousal support, and implementing custody arrangements. Since those are public statistics, they may be received without cost withinside the country. Below are the 3 approaches to discover divorce statistics: The Clerk of Court’s Office The civil courtroom... Continue Reading →

Understanding reverse mortgage and its calculation

Using a passionately dreamt approximately and purchased domestic as protection to reap a mortgage, isn't the perfect choice to make. But taking this credit score to help scientific fees or university costs or to restore or increase the belongings, is probably unavoidable sometimes. In fact, it could additionally be a supply of income, due to... Continue Reading →

Foreign Trade Policy of India

Introduction India’s real gross domestic product (GDP) at current costs stood at Rs. 135.13 100000large integer (US$ 1.82 trillion) in FY21, as per the tentative estimates of annual value for 2020-21. Simultaneously, the per capita income with gross domestic product at current prices was calculable at Rs. 145,680 (US$ 1,960.96) in FY21. India’s trade and... Continue Reading →

Benefits of maintaining property records

The federal shape of presidency impose taxes at federal, state, and nearby levels. Taxes are charged on profits, payroll, belongings, capital gains, and different areas. They are imposed at the internet profits of people and corporations. On the alternative hand, belongings taxes are normally imposed on realty and a few styles of enterprise belongings. It... Continue Reading →

Legal Understanding The Common Types Of Bail Bonds

Even with none complications, getting out of the custody is not often an clean procedure. Even aleven though the procedure isn't always clean, navigating via exceptional bail bonds to be had is extraordinarily beneficial in getting out of a custody. Below are the 3 not unusualplace varieties of bail bonds which can assist one or... Continue Reading →

Why does the bride have to leave her home after marriage and not the groom?

India could be a patriarchal country. Our Puranas additionally the} Gods mentioned within them clearly project that Goddesses at service of the Gods and followed them where Gods were.There should be a system of family and community. avatar married mythical being and she or he followed Rama. this is often a practice/culture /tradition from ancient... Continue Reading →

‘Intellectual Property and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: Taking Your Ideas to Market’

‘Intellectual Property and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: Taking Your Ideas to Market’INTRODUCTIONToday, in this progressively knowledge-driven economy, Intellectual property (IP) is considered a magical word that can be understood only by the experts or the skilled people. There is no surprise in asking why and how IP is going to provide an emerging platform in... Continue Reading →


What is the relation between law and economics? The law and also the economy move in several ways. Whereas non-public law assists people and teams who are willing to enter into agreements in a very free market, law seeks to correct the outcomes of a free market system by suggests that of economic and social... Continue Reading →

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