Writ of Habeas Corpus

Writ of habeas corpus acts as a legal remedy for the person who has been illegally detained by the police authorities or by any other public authority. Habeas corpus basically means to present the body in front of the court. The purpose of this writ is to release any person who is illegally detained or... Continue Reading →

The Evil of Dowry Death

Marriage is considered a sacred relation in Indian community. But sometimes people demand dowry from the family of the bride. And if the demand of the husband or his family is not fulfilled a sense of revenge occurs in their mind. Dowry basically means transfer of cash or gifts or parental property from bride’s family... Continue Reading →

Procedure of Copyright Registration

Copyright is a right given under India law to creators, inventors, or authors for their innovative and original work. Work that is copyrighted protects the work from unauthorised use. Copyright gives the owner of that copyright exclusive rights and prevents usage of that work by any unauthorised person. The type of works protected under Copyright... Continue Reading →

Copyright of a Book

Books are a treasure of mysteries. The words penned down by the writer allows the reader to understand the perspective of the writer. There is a lot of chances that an idea of a book written by someone can be copied and used as work by an unauthorised person. So, it is important to get... Continue Reading →

Satellite Rights of a Movie

Before television, box office and option for home media, sales of tickets were the only way for movie to earn money. But with the developing digital era, the producers of films have figured out may ways to earn money; one of which is satellite rights. Satellite rights are the rights that the producer of the... Continue Reading →

Adverse Possession of Property

Some property owners find pieces of their land seized by the new owners after many years of contentment. When the owner of that property does nothing to keep ownership of that part of land, he/she might not own that part as per law. It means the owner of the property no longer holds possession and... Continue Reading →

Concept of Interim Order

Interim order means the order passed by the court during the pendency of the suit, to prevent any harm done to the interest of the parties to a suit and to protect the status of the subject matter of the suit from any damage. For example, there is dispute as to ownership of a property... Continue Reading →

Censorship of streaming platforms

Over-the-top platforms also called OTT platforms are the new way of entertaining people and providing people with short films, feature films, documentaries, and web series. Days are gone when people used to watch movies and tv shows on television, now everybody is watching it on their phones and laptops through these OTT platforms. In several... Continue Reading →


The word caveat has been derived from Latin which means beware. It is not defined under the code. Caveat is a caution given by the party to the court for not taking any action or granting any relief in respect to a certain application without giving a notice to the person lodging the caveat, as... Continue Reading →

Writ of Mandamus

Mandamus means ‘command’. Writ of Mandamus is issued by the court to any public authority which refuses to perform its legal duties. It can be issued against any public official, public organization, public corporation, any tribunal, or any inferior court, and even government. But it cannot be issued against any governors of any state, the... Continue Reading →

Legality of cryptocurrency in india

With the gaining popularity of cryptocurrency all over the world, most of the people has started investing their time and money in it. People from all over the world are investing money in these virtual currencies in anticipation of profits. Similarly, many people in India are also intrigued to spend their time and money in... Continue Reading →

Joining Unlawful Assembly Armed with Deadly Weapon

Welfare of the people is the primary duty of a state, and offence against the public tranquillity are made punishable under the Indian Penal Code, 1860. Offences against public   tranquillity are offences against the state and not against an individual. Chapter 8 of IPC delas with offences against public tranquillity. The scope of chapter 8... Continue Reading →


Commission is kind of a role given by the court to any person to act according and on behalf of court to help the court in providing complete justice. The person who acts out the commission is called commissioner. For instance, if the court must hold investigation under any suit, the court appoints a commissioner,... Continue Reading →

Appointment of Receiver

Receiver is a person appointed by the court to receive the profits and proceeds of the property or personal estate that is under question in a suit, which does not seem appropriate to the court that either party to the suit should receive or for enabling distribution of such proceeds to the parties entitled.  In... Continue Reading →

Arrest Before Judgment

Arrest before judgment is an interim order that may be passed by the court during the pendency of the suit. The provision related to it are given under Order 38 Rule 1-4 of the Code of civil Procedure. a person who has filed a suit for recovery of money, in usual circumstances must obtain a... Continue Reading →

Juvenile Justice

Since the ancient times there existed a presumption that the Juveniles should be treated moderately because there is a thought that the younger generation have a habit to respond in frustrations that are serious and are accompanied with aggressive approaches. In the last few years, the crime committed by the children under the age of... Continue Reading →

Custodial Violence

Custodial violence and abuse of power by the police authorities is an emerging issue of human rights violations and one of the major obstacles for well-being of human beings in a society. Custodial violence includes all kinds of physical and mental torture done to a person in police custody. It is a violation of human... Continue Reading →

Advance Tax

Income Tax Act, 1961 is an Act formulated by the parliament of India for the Assessment, management, and return of tax on income in India. It is the standard measure for regulation of taxation in India. Advance Tax is the tax paid before end of each financial year. It also called ‘pay as you earn... Continue Reading →

Blockchain technology and related legal implications

Blockchain technology is used for recording public or private information in a way that it portrays trust-based method of recording that data. It is basically a method of storing data or any information so that it becomes difficult for any outsider or unauthorized person to change, hack or corrupt that data. It is a digital... Continue Reading →

Cyberbullying Laws in India

Cyberbullying happens when any person threatens or harasses other person over any digital device or by using any technology. It is done through digital devices like mobile phones, laptop/computers via social media website or through messages or email or through any online social group where people can exchange messages. Sending messages related to someone that... Continue Reading →

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