Duty of Company to register Charges

DUTY OF THE COMPANY TO REGISTER CHARGES A company often raises capital to finance its mega projects and to meet the plan for business expansion. It resorts to borrowing of funds to raise capital. This corporate borrowing or obtaining loans is against creation of charge on its assets as security against the borrowings to the... Continue Reading →

Comparative study of Prison System in India with U.K and U. S. A

Comparative study of Prison System in India with U.K and U.S.A ABSTRACT The present prison system of our country is a gift of the British rule. In Medieval India, the condition of the prison system was as similar as the system in Ancient India. London is known as the birthplace of modern imprisonment. A Philosopher... Continue Reading →


Introduction Gender equity is absolutely a myth according to me as because a woman has to face much more hurdles in a prison than a man does. Firstly they are the mothers and the birth givers so there could not be any comparison between men and women at all. From the ancient period till now... Continue Reading →

Case Analysis – Balfour Vs. Balfour

                                               Balfour v Balfour                                     Citation: Balfour v Balfour [1919]2 KB 571 Facts: Mr and Mrs Balfour were couple they went to England to spend their vacation in the year of 1915 they lived in Ceylon (Sri Lanka). Mr Balfour was a Civil Engineer, and worked for the Government as a Director of Irrigation in... Continue Reading →

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