Negligence is a breach of the obligation for negligence, this is what a rational person will do under the guidance … More

Assault and Battery

Assault and Battery both are crime and unlawful activities which is done by the person these are the intentional torts … More

Cyber Stalking

The definition of cyber stalking or cyber bullying is very simple it says that using the Internet or other electronic … More

Right to Vote

Voting is considered as one of the basic rights of the citizens in India as according to the Indian Constitution … More

Data Protection Bill, 2019

The Data Protection Bill 2019 has been presented to Parliament. The bill has been submitted to the Joint Parliamentary Committee … More

Right to Privacy

Privacy is a basic human right recognized by the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil … More

Triple Talaq Bill, 2019

Triple Talaq is a divorce proceeding under Islamic law (Islamic law). The husband can divorce his wife by uttering three … More

Malicious Prosecution

Malicious Prosecution is defined as the proceedings of judicial which are institutes by one person against the other person from … More

Fundamental Duties

    In 1975, the Indochina War took place for nearly two years. Due to food shortages, economic problems, poverty, GDP … More

Cyber terrorism

Cyber terrorism is the use of the Internet to carry out violent acts that cause or threaten to cause loss … More

Child Pornography

Child pornography refers to any type of visual representation depicting explicit sexual behavior that involves persons under the age of … More

Acid attack

An acid attack is a violent attack that involves throwing acid at any other person with the intent to destroy … More

False Imprisonment

False imprisonment can be defined as the act of the defendant causing the plaintiff’s unlawful imprisonment. Some factors that constitute … More