Proceedings for maintenance of wives, children and parents under section-125 crpc

  INTRODUCTION  The term ‘Maintenance’ is not defined under Code of Criminal procedure,1973 but according to chapter IX of Code of criminal procedure,1973 it talks about the provision of maintenance of Wives, Children and Parents,  In legal sense, ‘maintenance’ means alimony which someone has to pay to his former wife or husband and specially when they... Continue Reading →

Matrimonial rape- Is marriage a license to rape in India

Her friends used to tell her it wasn't rape if the man was your husband. She didn't say anything, but inside she seethed; she wanted to take a knife to their faces.” - F. H. Batacan INTRODUCTION: Rape in marriage is a serious and prevalent form of violence against women. Marital rape can be defined as unwanted intercourse, penetration... Continue Reading →

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